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I hope someone is online that can help answer this question...

I am pretty sure my kitty is in labor...

She is crying and hiding... The problem is, she is hiding behind my futon...

This is ok, except for a coupla reasons...

1> its not super clean back there... lol

2> she is only 10 or 11 mo. old and I think she should be somewhere I can help her if need be...

should I move her??????????????????

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I wouldn't move her...perhaps you could move the futon a little so you have easier access to her.

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darnit, I had to make a quick decision and I went ahead and moved her...

Its really not sanitary back there and all I could think was that I better move her before a kitty comes, cause then, I cant move her... But because its pretty dusty and hairy(I have 2 long hair dogs and a long hair cat) I thought it best... I hope its ok..

I see a light green sac in the birthing canal... Its been there for about 15-20 min...

How do I know if she needs help?
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hi from what i was reading yesterday when my cat was delivering the kitten should come out within 10 mins of being seen mine did it dead on 10 mins
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Spirit...I don't think you made a bad decision...if you thought it was a bad place for her to give did what you thought was best.

Here is what I found:

Once labor begins, your cat will start to purr rhythmically and breathe heavily. Delivery can be imminent, but it is also possible that it still takes a few hours before the first kitten arrives.
Leave a cat giving birth undisturbed and monitor her activities. Gently put her back in the box if she tries to escape.

Contractions will increase. Calm her down by saying kind words. It is normal when fluid and some blood appear from her vulva.

If she’s having strong contractions for over two hours without any sign of kittens appearing, you should call the vet.

Maybe two kittens are ‘struggling’ to be first and block the opening.

Eventually the first kitten of the litter will be born. The cat is delivered enclosed in a bag filled with fluid. The sac may burst while coming out. Often the mother has to help to open it.

She will start to lick the kitten. Soon the newborn feline will breathe normally and cry for the first time, just like a human child.

The queen will cut the umbilical cord with her teeth.
Only in case she doesn’t, you may gently tear the cord with your fingers. Be careful: Too much force may cause the kitten a hernia. You may also use scissors, but make sure you tie the cord first between the cat and the kitten.

This is one of many things that could go wrong during birth. It is important that you are well-prepared for it.

The placenta appears immediately after the kitten’s birth or shortly afterwards. Most of the time, a cat giving birth eats it. It is believed that it stimulates milk production.

There should follow a placenta after every kitten. A placenta that stays behind can cause a serious infection.

Most kittens are delivered head-first. Cats that come with hind legs first take more time. The mother may get agitated, but she will be persistent and do her utterly best to get the kitten out.

Once the kitten breathes and is licked clean, place the little cat close to the queen’s nipples. Normally it will start to suck. If this does not happen, use a dropper to feed the kitten.

Is your cat giving birth to males, females or both? Find out here how to determine the gender of a kitten.

If a cat is very distressed after the birth of the first kitten while she is obviously expecting more kittens, it might be good to consult your veterinarian.

One hour between each birth is not unusual, but some queens deliver the second kitten within 15 minutes.

A cat giving birth won't get into trouble, as long as everything goes as it should, and you know how to recognize complications. It's wise to ask your vet to drop by after delivery to see if the kittens and the mother are healthy.
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thanks so much for all that...

I see a light green sac in the birth canal... Its about half way out I guess for about 20-30 min... she is really pushing... I was kind of in there with her and she seemed to welcome me... (reached out wiht her paw and placed it on me)...

I just dont know if I should help the sac come out or if she is ok on her own...
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How is she now?
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You have been given great advice so far. Moving your cat is OK, just try to keep her as quiet and stress free as possible now. If the green sac is still there in another 40-45 min I would call your vet. As TNR1 mentioned, no progress of labour with 1-2 hours of pushing, becomes a medical emergency. As you can already see progress through the birth canal, I would go with the 1 hour mark and not let her go any longer without intervention.
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when my cats had there babies i moved them, i layed blankets in the bathtub, and kept her in there, with soft lights and music, and i just hung out with them and comforted them as best i could, one kitty wanted to bite me while she pushed and i let exciting to be having babies!! congrats
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Ok... we have 3 kitties!!!!!!!!

Everyone is doing fine... I didnt have to intervene except to encourage her.. She let me lay in the closet with her... I think there might be another on the way but I am just gonna let her be with her newborns...

She ate the placenta of all the kitties and it was just such a miracle to be present and watch them all take their first breaths...

ahhhh, the miracle of life!

They are ALL black and white... (my husband dreamed they would all be)

I have a feeling there just MIGHT be one more kitty, but I dont know...

After the first one, each kitty came about 10 min. after... yay!

So, needless to say, she has her paws FULL! haha

I'll keep you informed...

I'm just SOOOOOOOO proud of her!

Thank you all so much...

I knew yesterday that it was just a matter of time... Last night she slept with me all night and before bed she even rolled over and I got to give her belly kisses and she just purrrrrred...

It was good bonding, and I think it was important so that she knew she could fully trust me..

again, thanks!

I'll keep you informed if anything else happens!
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congratulations it a wonderfull thing to experiance
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Originally Posted by bcyprus
congratulations it a wonderfull thing to experiance
Well..if anyone wants to experience it and doesn't have an intact cat....there are many shelters and rescue groups that are getting inundated with pregnant moms. Right now, I'm fostering a mom and her 3 one week old kittens. Fostering is wonderful and it saves many lives.

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Originally Posted by TNR1
Well..if anyone wants to experience it and doesn't have an intact cat....there are many shelters and rescue groups that are getting inundated with pregnant moms. Right now, I'm fostering a mom and her 3 one week old kittens. Fostering is wonderful and it saves many lives.

yes i agree i foster for my local centre
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Congrats on the three - you will find you have your paws full as well, I am sure!
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ok, number 4 is here! lol

I havent felt her belly yet to see if I feel another... but as you know, I'll keep you informed!

wow, happy MAY DAY! hehe

very exciting...

ok... bye for now...
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Oh, I forgot to say, she ate just a little bit... about a tablespoon...
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Oh how exciting!!! Congrats!! Dont forget to take lots of pictures of the new babies to show us
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I have LOTS of pictures already...


soooooo, at this next stage, I am guessing there is a 5th kitty... boo is sleeping but breathing hard... All the kitties are nursing... but I think I feel another inside her tummy...

My only concern is that it is pretty wet and I dont want the kittensgetting cold, yet I dont feel I should move them yet... I have a towel in the dryer right now to bring some immediate warmth... My house is warm... about 76, so I'm hoping they are ok...

ah, Im sure they are just fine...

haha, im such a worry wart... ok, I'll go with my own advice and TRUST!
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Ok, as if on cue, she's just given birth to #5... hahahaha


this one isnt moving as much, but I think its ok...
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Please consider getting your cat fixed asap so no more kittens are brought into the world...and it is a good idea to call around and find a vet that will fix each kitten and give all the vaccinations at a discount, usually can be done at about 10 weeks, 2lb....and then when you find homes for one has to worry about pregnancies... you can charge the new parents what it cost you and this too helps to ensure a good home for the baby....
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Great advice, 5Cats..
Congrats on the kitties...! Please post pics soon and let us know how they are doing.
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Well, I have 3 cats, 2 dogs... I have ALWAYS gotten my 'pets' fixed... This actually was intentional... (I was actually hoping it would be her 2nd heat)... It was intentional for our families own personal reasons...

I am a responsible owner of 'animals' (I put quotes around animals and pets because they are actually more like my own children/family)... Boo will be fixed ASAP.. I will wait until the kitties are old enough though...

ALSO, all but 2 kittens already have homes! I pre-arranged this... They are going to close family friends and ALL will absolutely be fixing the kitties... It was a pre-requisite! ha

anyways, I understand that many people continue to let their cats get pregnant or impregnate other females... Not the case here!

But thanks for your concern!
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Good to know that you will get her spayed. Also she will want outside, if you capitulate and let her out, she will become pregnant again.

If you are worried about cold kittens make up some sock heaters. They do well with newborns you need old heavy socks, plain rice and a microwave. Fill the socks up with the uncooked rice, tie off the ends, nuke the socks for 30 seconds each sock. This gives you about 2 hours of heat, that will not burn the kittens at all-
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Oh, I forgot to mention that the kitties will be going to their new homes at about 8 weeks old... BUT, they wont be fixed til they are closer to 6 mo. old.. 4 mo. at the earliest, per advice from my family vet...

10 weeks seems awfully early... but, perhaps its ok for some...
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