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Changing food while on prednisone

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My cat's irritated area behind her back leg looks much better and isn't bothering her. There is even fur starting to return. However, the itchiness on her neck still seems to bother her, though it could be lessening. (The Vet believes this is all due to an allergic reaction).

I want to change her diet from Science Diet to one of the better foods that you have recommended. Is there any harm in changing her diet while she is in the middle of being under meds for 20 days?

I am wondering if perhaps my food choice isn't giving her the nutrition she needs, and perhaps that might be part of the problem. Thank you, once again.
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I would talk to your vet about switching foods gradually. The gradual switch is important because many cats end up with an upset stomach otherwise. Is your cat on a Science Diet prescription food? If so, then it is especially important that you talk with your vet to find a food that is appropriate for any condition that she might have.
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Talk to the vet, pernisone is a powerful drug... If it is an rx the vet is so needed... sd is "balence and complete" but that doesnt mean that the ingrediants may not bother her..
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Good points made...do a gradual switch, and if it's one of the Science Diet prescription foods do not change at all without discussing appropriate alternatives with your vet first.

It could be your kitty is reacting to something in the Science Diet...if prescription food is not an issue here, consider one of the better foods for sensitive tummy's - such as Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea (yes, it's a dry food!) which should be available at your local Petco.

My one concern - has your vet given you a diagnosis as to why the fur loss and itching? If it's possible that this is food allergies, ask your vet if you should do a single protein diet such as the prescription diets by IVD to figure out what it is your kitty reacts to.
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Prescription food is not involved. I have a preferred Vet, but I had chosen the wrong day of the week and she wasn't there - so I got a different Vet. He didn't say what he thought the allergy might be, but he just said that perhaps whatever had bothered her was already gone, but that her irritating the area kept it inflamed. She has eaten SD for at least a year, no other changes in the home...so unless it's fleas (which is isn't) or dust mites, etc. I just don't know - which is why I thought perhaps her food is the culprit. Thanks for the food suggestions. I have written down all of them and will see which ones I can find.
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Cloud_shade, I gave my cat just a bit of a different food last night, she has been on prednisone for 5 days - and she vomited this morning. Should I call my Vet, or does it sound like the new food is the culprit? She has not vomited prior to this.....I will definitely stick with her normal diet for now....poor thing, I feel bad.
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It's probably the new food. Anytime you want to change food, it's a good idea to mix the new food with the old gradually to get them used to it.
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Thanks so much for your confirmation. I am still trying to figure out what she's allergic, to....so I am thinking until she is done with her meds, I will keep her on the same food so she isn't dealing with several changes at once. Can cats be allergic to dust or mites? She doesn't have fleas but something it obviously still irritating her neck, and sometimes I feel slight itching on me! Empathy or real - I'm not sure!
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cats are mammals like us can be allergic to nearly anything
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