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I was just wondering how your cats show affection for you. I'd love to read your stories!

Fergus head-butts, counts coup, and tries to keep us awake at night. He is always trying to pet me back, or throw balls at me (reasoning that if he likes to chase balls, I must like it too!).

What do your cats do?
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Hey Meghan- My cat Romeo is so sweet. He headbutts&kneads. He also "quacks" at me. He was a pitiful stray that I took in (I think that's why he is so sweet!) He is definately not the prettiest cat around. He is kind of bow-legged and his back-end and hips are a lot more wide than his front and head. He's all black but his coat is not as thick and shiny as my other cat Chloe. He also has no fur growing around his mouth. He looks like some kid's worn out stuffed animal! But that's why I love him! I just look at him and laugh. His little personality makes him adorable!
My cat Chloe is affectionate in her own way. Romeo can NOT be around and heer mood has to be right. She is not a lap cat. She is a very beautiful cat and I think she knows it. But she sure is cute when she is being playful.
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Gezer turns on his engine and purrs like there's no tomorow... He will come to me when I wash the dishes and try to climb on my leg or just scratch it for attention

Mishmish will give the sweetest look and roll on her back, begging to be stroked and petted (you have to be quick about it though, by the second stroke you're bound to get a bonus bite )
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My Wylie headbutts, purrs, and talks to me all the time. He is very affectionate.He loves for me to hold him. Cruella and Lianna don't like to be held but love to be petted all the time and they purr alot. All 3 share the bed with my husband and I, it gets to be crowded at times.
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Gosh, there are so many ways my cats show affection. My very favorite is when I wake up with a minimum of four laying on me...
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