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Talking Cats

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One of our cats, Gezer, is quite a speech maker

Sometimes, he just wanders around the house talking to himself for several minutes. When he does he always sound very opinionated, like he's making a serious speech about something.

Do your cats talk alot?
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My kitten walks around the house talking, except he always sounds like he's lost and looking for someone. Gezer sounds like he's quite a silly kitty!
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Yes, he is the silliest and sweetest cat I know! It's a shame that he's so timid though. People usually take to him right away but he hides under the table...
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I have two cats; sisters. One can be quite vocal at times whilst the other one just sits there and smiles.

Georgia (the vocal one) will have a conversation with you. She'll come running in meowing along the way. So I meow back and thus the chat begins. It can go on for atleast 5 minutes and although I don't know what we are talking about, it's ever so fun
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Talkers? Have I got talkers! My two, Simon and Johnny, hate to see me sleep :I know they are naturally nocturnal (as much as you can be when you sleep 16 hours each day!! ) but at about 4am , invariably, one or the other (usually Johnny) will start getting bored, and will just let 'er rip! He sits in my room and meows until we get up. Usually I'll make sure he has food and water in his bowl, and close the bedroom door, with him on the outside! He still cries until we get up!

I think he is just bored. If I find I can't ignore it any longer (say after an hour?), then I get up and wrestle with him for a bit. That tires him out a bit, so that I can get more sleep if it isn't time to head to work!
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I have a question for someone - my cat will talk quite a bit to me and that is normal I think. Lately though she has started meowing but now the tone is much deeper and the meows last much longer. It almost sounds like she is in pain and yet she remailns very active, is eating and drinking normally and has no other unusual symptoms. She seems pain-free and content at all other times. I have noticed this strange meow mostly after she eats and at night (it is very loud and annoying!! Can't sleep...) Is this a normal social behavior or should I be concerned?

I recently (about a month ago) had her to the vet and we did a full blood work-up and everything was normal. My cat is 17 years old - would this have something to do with it?
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Hi I_elyse and welcome to the forums!

I think you should talk to your vet again. I haven't heard about anything similar, but as you say it's new and sounds as if she's in pain... it's worth checking.

Also, the fact that she's doing this after eating may also indicate some medical problem.

Do let us know of any new developments.

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I know what you mean beetle Kitty our cat lets us know when she feels its time to wake up. She will sit on my dresser looking down at me and sings me good morning.

She sure does her thing and if that does'nt work then she looks for anything she can slide with her paw and make it crash for the noise and a reaction good or bad but I'm up by then.

This is my fault I know because she knows morning means treats. I've spoiled her and thats just fine to her.
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