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a fabulous cat rescue from greece

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All cat lovers must read this story!! Go to:
This is about a brave rescue of 53 cats from Greece, where they routinely poison and torture cats. Never go to Greece!! Do not give them tourist dollars!! And be sure to write to the Greek Embassy and tourist board.
I was in Greece in '95 and was appalled at the conditions there. We spent most of the 2 weeks there feeding the homeless cats. The waiters kick them, and they are poisoned in the parks. It is a beautiful country, with basically nice people, but a village mentality when it comes to cats. Read the wonderful story of the Mclaughlin rescue. Enjoy!! Ailurophile1.
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That is one awesome rescue! I'm speechless! They have my utmost respect.
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Yes, and the way to get to them is to STOP travelling there! Go to Spain or Italy instead!! Spread the word about how they treat poor little cats.
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I'll spread the word..Hubby and I will definitely not be going there. I couldn't bear it to see kitties treated this way! I'd be coming home with a suitcase full of cats
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Thanks for the insight. I'll never give them any of my tourist money! I'm visiting Europe next year and so excited about it, but that's one place I'll avoid. The only thing I'd try to do would be is to save every kitty there....jeeeeeez how infuriating!

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Yes, please do not go to Greece!! Please go to the McLaughlin site!!
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can you imagine having to clean out 53 litter boxes every day?!

Seriously though, this couple is amazing; thanks for the link. I've always wanted to visit Greece but I'd get too if I ever saw a kitty being mistreated like that.
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Please read all the messages. It is vital that you tell everyone to BOYCOTT any sponsor connected with the upcoming olympics in Athens! They are planning mass poisonings! Read this link:
Thank you!!
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Please give me your comments!!! Keep this thread going! Thanks!
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I think you are just being sentimental and overreacting guys.

There are lots of people mistreating cats (or generally animals) through out the world; even here in USA. I am pretty sure that most cats live as stray cats even in Spain and Italy & are treated similarly (they are all Mediterranian countries; people are very much alike in many ways !). That is the case in most European countries such as Greece & Turkey ! There are organizations in these countries trying to do something about the mistreatment & overpopulation of these strays. You can sponsor/support them & really do something about these animals. Not visiting the country will do nothing for those poor animals !!

There is for example euthanization & declawing in USA. I don't think it would be fair to say something like "don't visit USA' cause they are euthanizing/declawing cats/dogs" after learning that USA performs these "operations" !
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