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will male cat injure kittens??

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We have a recently neutured (January)male cat, his name is Buddy. He is extremely territorial. A stray female showed up a few months ago and is pregnant...looks like she will give birth any day now. At first Buddy would just get in her face - nose to nose, her reaction was to hiss. We feed her outside usually. Buddy does not even like her to take walks with us or be with us and has chased her up trees for doing so. He sometimes backs her into a corner on the deck, so she hisses and at times has scratched him. He retaliated with some good boxing moves on her. She set camp in a large box on our deck we had made for Buddy that he did not like and did not use--we put it on the opposite side of the house from where Buddy likes to hang out. When we let her into the house, he checks all the rooms to see where she has been and then goes to the basement to sulk. His single thought on his mind at times seems to be to make her go away, and to hurt her if possible - he has become a regular bully. It is getting worse recently, at first she was safe in the box but last week he went into the box to get her. We had to physically pull him out. The other day, she was outside the patio door - he literaly bounced off the door with his head trying to get at her through the glass.The female is a tiny little thing, Buddy is a husky-bodied large guy. We are worried what Buddy might do once the kittens are born. Do we have cause for concern?? We are new to owning a male (he came to us last year as a stray).Thanks for any information regarding this.
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Male cats can be highly territorial and have a natural instinct to kill kittens that don't belong to them. In the wild they do this to ensure that only their genes are carried forward to the next generation. It is one of the reasons that feral females will hide their litters when they have them.

With that said, cats have been domesticated to a degree that not all males will do this (it happens with the large wild cats in virtually all cases). If he is reacting so violently to this poor girl, you shouldn't expose either the mom or her kittens to him. Neutered or not (and in this case fairly recently neutered), some instincts just remain in domestic cats. Set up her birthing box in a spare room (or garage if warm enough) and keep the 2 separated until the kittens are weaned and the mom is spayed.

Good luck!
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my male cat is doing well to the new baby kitten of the house! and he's acting so loving towards the baby!
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