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Bad storm

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I'm in the east Midlands, in the early hours we had a really bad storm sheet lightning that lit up the whole sky, thunder that made such a noise even I got scared! I have never heard a sound like it in all my life! and rain gushing down. I thought as I couldn't sleep i'd come down and make a cuppa.

When i got downstairs my porch had at least 3 inches of water in it, my front room carpet is soaked right through and ruined, and part of my kitchen has been affected, I woke Alan up and we looked outside and we were surrounded by water, only by my porch though!
we live opposite a park, which it goes up in a small hill, the rain must have ran down, with every twig and leaf...also the drains must not have been able to cope...so 5am we were getting rid of all the water with buckets, to save more getting into the house...we've mopped up with every towel, throws etc in the house, but because the water came from the park, its all muddy not a good start to the day!

Anyone else in the mids or surrounding area get the storm? I rang my daughter who went out last night, to make sure she was ok...as the clubs shuts about then, but she'd got back to her friends house and had slept through it!!!
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I'm so glad you and your daughter are ok, Ashleigh. We've been having thunderstorms tonight, too! We're not getting it as severely as you, though. I sure can't wait to get home to my sweet girl! Hopefully your storms have passed and you can enjoy a lovely peaceful day!
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Been out the front and back garden clearing up the mud and debris I just did my garden all nice too...still could of been worse, least it wasn't devastation and death like some in the world eh
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I'm sorry you had to deal with that mess. What a thing to walk down to see.
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I'm sorry you had to deal with that! BUt glad you're ok. I follow weather as a hobby and the north latitude where you are is getting dumped on this Spring. Here in the U.S., Maine -which is similar in latitude to where you are in the UK - has gotten 8" in April.
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glad to hear you and your daughter are ok...i love storms though (as long as they don't trash my house) we have very bad droubts here and it doesn't rain hardly at all...i really miss the rain sorry for youe mess though
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Oh, sounds like a mess! That's what I would call a "gully washer". I hope your home dries out soon!
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Oh how awful! Glad you are ok!
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Apart from the carpets luckily everything is ok, Alan has gone out to get some wooden flooring for now, the carpet was awash with mud and stunk to high heaven, all of yesterday was spent clearing up the mess, the garden looks semi nice again though, and I'm lucky as it could of been alot worse.

We have had a laugh about it now, the image of Alan in the front garden, trousers rolled upto his knees and his shins and feet lost beneath muddy rain water at 5am with a bucket is something my twisted mind found funny, and I had to laugh or cry and laughing suits me much more
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