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Driving me nutty!

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I love my darling Char so very much. He is the sweetest cat I have ever had. But he is driving me insane! He won't let me out of his site at all these last few days. He has to be in the same room as me or he meows all day, even with my husband home. He wants me to hold him all the time these last few days. He literally won't let me out of his sight. If I am sleeping, he is in my face instead of his pillow (which is above my head). If I am doing my hair, he is in the bathroom sink right in front of me. If I go to the computer room, he is in my face instead of my lap. I cuddle him and play with him twice a day so I don't understand why he is doing this. He is fixed.

WHY is he doing this? Is he sick?
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Personally i can't see anything wrong in that?, because my two do exactly the same, and i bet other members will relate to it also.

Rosie and Sophie could be fast asleep downstairs with me while i watch t.v., but no matter how quietly i get up to go to the bathroom or kitchen their right behind me.

It could be worse!, Charcoal could be the other way and not show any affection at all?!
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It really wouldn't bother me if it was his normal temperment but this is not. I guess I am just wanting to know why the sudden change in behavior.
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Is he eating and drinking normally?, and using the litterbox ok?
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I have heard that cats can be suddenly attracted to us more by something different we are wearing. I dont know if maybe you have changed your perfume or shampoo or something thats maybe causing him to come around you more than he usually does.
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Have their been any changes to your routine? My mom's cat became very affectionate when we changed her feeding location a few years ago from the garage to the kitchen. When my brother left home and her best friend (the dog) and the other household cat (who she never really cared much about) passed away, she got very, very clingy. That was more than 6 months ago, and she is still very demanding and always wanting attention. Changes in routine can be very upsetting to our babies. If you have started a new job or changed shifts, or if there is someone home who usually isn't, explain that to Char. Try to give him attention at certain times of day (to re-establish a routine) or when he is not pestering you.
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