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She's having her kittens

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im not sure if i should post a new thread or not.. but shes starting to push she's been pushing for about 4 mins or so now. i am wondering how long a cat should push for before i call a vet i dont want her straing her self to long. but im so happy i have been waitting for this for all most a week now.. and for u that are just comming to this thread i picked up the cat the was droped off at my parents house or around it and took her home with me since we where going to have a bad storm and didnt want her left out side dearing it. ty for any help ill keep u all posted..
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hi that is brill, my cat was pushing for an hour and twenty mins yesterday before the first one came, i think once you can see the baby it should of come out by 10 mins i think thats right
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well theres still no baby and its been about an hr sice i notice her starting to push..
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can you see anything from the birth canal
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no i cant see anything at all.
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i was really anxious till the first on came out i could see it for 10mins before it came out i was getting ready to ring the vet im not sure how long you can leave them pushing without seeing any thing im not sure on this but i think it can be quiet a while
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does she seem ok in her self not disstressd or anything
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its normal to push as she pushing the baby down as times goes on they will get stronger and closer
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she still hasnt had any kittens but she has started to leek a little bit of blood now.. im thinking of taking her to a no kill shelter.. i dont want to put her threw any stress..
does anyone have any advies?????
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TB take a look at this article and then make your determination.
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I was worried earlier too... My kitty pushed for about an hour before anything happened... After the first came out, the other ones birthed pretty easily...

I am pretty sure there is a 5th kitty inside her belly... we'll see!

I think the most paramount thing for me during this process was trusting my cat... I was there, just incase, but I just trusted her...

She leaked fluid and abit of blood, I believe this is normal... After 3 kitties quite abit of fluid came out and then an hour later a 4th kitty...

keep us posted...

trust trust trust!
your instinct and your cats!
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well i took her to paws i talked to someone that had a cat and that has been around the delivery of kittens and since she has been going at it since 1:20am this morning and its not almost 12 hrs later.. i decided to take her in.. i think i did the right thing. i coudl never live with my self if she or her kittnes died because i didnt take her in and hope she would be fine this way my mind is at ease.. but i told them that if everythign turns out ok i would foster her.. so we will see what happend.. ty for all your guys help.
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good job going with your instinct!

intuition never fails...
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well im glad i did take her in they called me back and told me they had to put her to sleep because she had a relay big whole in her uterus.. and the kittens where all ready dead by the time they got to hear.. but now im left felling guilty. i wonder if i would have taken her in soon if that would helped.. but on the other hand there was no way for me to know she had a whole in her.. but shes not hurting anymore so thats the good thing.. Ty again for all your guys info and help.
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you poor thing, and the poor kitty, you did the right thing though, we are all here for you. take care, God bless you
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Omg, I'm so sorry!
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