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Hi New here!

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Hi all! Ive just spent the last couple of hours browsing through this AWESOME site and im hooked!!

Quick Intro - My name Is Felicity, im 23 and im from Australia.

Like everyone else here, im a big cat lover - Im a complete animal freak actually! Of all the animals - Siamese cats are my greatest love!!

I have one Cat, A seal Point Siamese Called Blossom. She is my baby - even if she is 15!! Shes my Best friend, my constant Shadow. I am her slave
We have had her since the day she was born, My parents use to breed Siamese. Her parents were beautiful and I miss them both terribly

Sadly I cant have any other cats - she wouldnt accept them! I have befriended the local strays though, and given them all names (wont tell blossom though!)

My backyard has turned into a bit of a zoo.. thanks to my love of animals and my 'habit' of taking in unwanted animals and strays. Parrots..dogs.. Rabbit and more rabbits..

Ive included some photos of my Precious Blossom (I think 90% of the photos i take on my camera are of her haha!)

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Ah!! I thought i resized the photos but they are showing up huge!! Sorry :/
What did i do wrong? Why are they still showing up HUGE!
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Welcome! And you are right - this is an awesome site with truly awesome people.

Blossom is exquisite! No wonder you love her so madly.

Bijou is our lilac siamese and he has us wrapped around his paw. Meezers are so wonderful (I love all animals but like you I'm partial to meezers).

Hope you will join the Paws and Reflect Jasper thread and let Blossom talk to Jasper and all his kitty friends.

Again, a warm welcome to you and Blossom.
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Welcome to TCS! From your Kiwi neighbour.
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hi...hope you enjoy it here...your baby is georgeous!
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Thankyou!! This place is just the best!! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, im so glad i found it!

Ive just been browsing through the photos and threads, the cats are just beautiful, makes me want another kitty now!

Yosemite, your meezer is beautiful!! His eyes are so clear and blue. Theres just something about siamese - they are captivating.
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Hi, Blossom and Felicity! Sierra and I welcome you to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Blossom, you're absolutely gorgeous! Sierra agrees with Blossom, Felicity, she definitely insists on being an only child! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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Hello and welcome!!!
Blossom's a beauty!!

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Hi welcome to the site, Blossom is beautiful.
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Hello, Felicity, and welcome. I had a siamese mix cat once, Sammy. He was different than any other cat I have ever known. We never had any covers to our markers, Sammy would steal them to play with. And I'll never forget him playing with the dice from our Boggle game. First he took it to the kitchen so he could listen to how it sounded when he dropped it on the floor. Then he put it in a shoe so he could dig it out. Then dropped it in dh's cowboy boots, more than once, for the fun of digging it back out.

Just a crazy, loveable boy! I'll look forward to hearing more about Blossom and your zoo!
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she's gorgeous!!!! welcome to TCS
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Hi there!! Nice to meet you and Blossom!!! She is just beautiful!
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Thanks Guys!!
DawnofSierra, I mite take you up on your offer soon! Ive figured a few things out, the instructions for how to post pics etc were very helpful, but theres a few things im still figuring out.

I was wondering of there were many fellow australians here?

I came home from work today to find ''Snow" all around the house! I recently got a new tv and it came in styrofome packaging (dont know if thats spelt right lol) - anyway blossom has a fascination with the stuff and while i was at work, shes shredded it to bits and spread it all through the house.
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Hi And Welcome to TCS!!!
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Hi and Welcome
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