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It's like Sophie's Choice...Kitten season

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The shelters we typically pull from are becoming inundated with pregnant and nursing mothers. If we cannot find fosters for these mothers/kittens..they are euthanized! We were able to pull 2 moms with kittens and some orphaned kittens..but I am unsure of the status of the 3 remaining mothers. Please tell your friends to have their cats spayed...if they want to experience having a litter, there are many organizations that need people to foster pregnant cats right now. It's only going to get worse as kitten season progresses...

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I don't know how you choose. Sophie's Choice indeed.
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how awful! next year when i'm settled in my new place i will definitly look into fostering mothers/kittens. my mums also agreed to take in a few when i leave home with Maverick and her baby.

all the free ads are full of kittens for sale but none in the local shelters YET.

and still the petshops sell kittens
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I know, it is heartbreaking. We got our first 2 kits of the season yesterday, a pair of 8 wk old sisters (dilute tortie and buff tabby). They are from the same woman we got Buffy, Dodger and Pickett from last year, and she says it's the same momcat. Tybalt asked her if she would please get the cat spayed and offered to give her info on low-cost spaying in our area, but she said, "Oh, I can't catch her." This was a minute after telling him she let the momcat in and out to nurse the kittens, it is HER cat and is an indoor/outdoor cat.
I swear, I am going to find out her address and catnap the mom to get her fixed.

Meanwhile, we have the kits in a large cage in the living room, and showed them to Pickett, Dodger and Buffy and told them they were brothers and sisters. The little buff girl could be Buffy all over again, she looks just like she did as a baby.

Check out my Open Letter on my website re: "Kitten Season". I tried to rein myself in a little LOL so as not to get people so worked up that they wouldn't LISTEN. Not at all easy to do when you know the statistics...
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