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OT: fingernail maintenance question

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Hey, maybe one of you know what this product is or how to find it.

Last year at the Del Mar Fair (which is the San Diego County Fair) there was a vendor that had this nail stone like thing that could be used as a file and as a buffer. It glossed up my nail so well that I didn't need any polish on it for over a month! It didn't fade like normal nail buffing does and the file/stone thing was hard and the person showing it turned it over to do the different things and I think she used some kind of liquid or oil before the glossing.

Any ideas as to what this is?

Oh, and there was another vendor that had this metal thing you put in water with dishsoap and it cleared even the nastiest black/metallic ugly tarnish off of silver and even my engagement ring.

Do any of you know what this product is?


And for those who have hung in to the end. Has anybody seen or tried the new OPI paws polish for pets? I thought that was the weirdest thing I had EVER seen! Why on earth would you do that?

Thanks again!
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there was a guy at the mall who did this to my moms nail she didnt want to do it but i had nail polish on and so he made her.. lol.. it was some diamond particle file and then the buffer... i dont know what it was called though...
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No help with the nail thingy but, I DO know about the jewelry cleaning. You get the exact same effect by lining the bottom of the sink with aluminum foil and mixing 2 tablespoons of baking soda with a quart of hot water. (Thank you, Heloise)
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The brand I have is Vassi Nail Therapy. I love it! My nails were peeling terribly, I stopped by the stand, and the girl swore it would work. I was skeptical, but she was right! 3 weeks later, my nails were strong & perfect...I won't live without it now.
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I just cleaned and colored my nails today after three months.
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You can pick those buffers up at any drug store. I forgot what mine is called, but usually it will say buffer on it. They are about 5" long with a pink end, then white end and the other side has a grey side..I use them and never use any polish..costs about $3. I think Sally made the last one I picked up. I will try and find one today in package and take a picture for yuou...I need another one anyway
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no idea about the nails but...
For the jewelery here they have something called "cillit Bang" it literally cleans EVERYTHING! i love it...

well untill last week i kept on thinking it was C___ Bang ( the womans vagina name in a rude way) so people at walmart who spoke english were laughing at me
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The nail kit that I have that sounds very similar to what you are talking about is Dead Sea Spa Care. It comes with a buffer that has 3 sides to it, cuticle liquid stuff, and lotion. It's amazing and does exactly what you were talking about so I would assume it was either the same stuff or the same idea. I love it though!
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