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funny vidoe

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This video is really funny
funny cats
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lol ive seen this before but everytime i watch it i laugh my butt off!! finnegan is clutsy like those cats haha today he went to jump on the one bench in the kitchen and slid right off... i laughed and then of course ran after him to hug!!!
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Yup. I've seen it a gazillion times, I think, but I crack up every time!
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I've seen that a million times, but I always watch it all the way through. I always wonder if some of those poor kitties actually got hurt though. The last always looks like serious crash into that camera in the paper bag. Owie! Oh yeah... and that one that knocks over the toaster and falls with it!
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that was so cute! i've seen my babies do some of those things! isn't wonderful the joy and lsughter that animals bring to our lives!
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