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I'm ready to foster a litter of kittens!

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I am very excited. Tomorrow I help with the spay/neuter clinic. If we get any extra preggers girls, who are too far along to spay, I may bring one home to foster. If not, the agency I foster for has me on the list to take a litter.

It has been over a year since I had a litter, which included my sweet Festus. Babies! I'm so excited! Can you tell?
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That's GREAT. I just took home my first foster mom with kittens. Very rewarding!! Good Luck at the clinic.

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Kittens are so fun! I've been trying to trap a pregnant feral mom for a spay/abort, but since she was already showing when we started, and it's been about 3 weeks since then, I have a feeling that if we do get her, I'll be in the same boat. I just got a sighting report today...very, very pregnant. We keep trying to trap her, and we can't seem to keep the dumb boys from wandering into the traps. Good news for them, bad news for her (so far).

Keep us updated, and pictures are required!
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Hey, the clinic was crazy! There were less vet techs, and more vets. So the "ignorant rabble" like myself had less direction. Last time one vet tech who knew what was going on basically supervised and worked with me, giving shots of anesthetic, then rabies, penicillin, etc. This time a receptionist from a vets office and I (an RN at a psych clinic) were giving the shots. While we both tried our best, it takes experience to be able to tell those males from the females before knocking them out! Also, someone else was doing the microchipping, although by the end of the day I learned how.

One cat gave birth to kittens in the cage, before we got to her. But she wouldn't care for it, so its a bottle baby now. And a few were too far along to spay. One got spayed although too far along-only had two kittens, so she didn't feel that big...And one got away, but we cornered her in the bathroom and used a net to catch her!

There were so many beautiful cats. Two looked like russian blues, had been dumped out at a farm together, so now they are barn cats. The owner was helping, she said she has had 11 cats dumped at her farm. So a clinic to spay/neuter and give basic shots for $15/animal is extremely helpful.

I didn't bring any cats or babies home. I work full time, so cannot bottle feed. So I'll call my agency and let them know I'm still itching for BABIES!
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I sooooooo love to foster the tiny babies....we are looking to move so it is not a good time for us...but it is just like bringing a new baby into the house...a total joy
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
I didn't bring any cats or babies home. I work full time, so cannot bottle feed. So I'll call my agency and let them know I'm still itching for BABIES!
Good mother cat is doing all the work..while i get to watch and admire how her babies are growing.

I'm sure a cat with young kittens will be found that you can foster.

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Thank you for helping these cats!
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You GO girl! I always found fostering to be the hardest thing to do. And though I love kittens, they are SO MUCH WORK!!!!!!

Sounds like the clinic is going gangbusters - and that is GREAT news! Keep up the great work!
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Yay! I got the call! This weekend I will pick up a friendly Momma cat, who is preggers! I am very happy! I am so ready for kittens, and will worry about the trouble finding homes later. I have a lot of support from my foster agency. Will post details once I meet my new girl!
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Yay! Lucky you! Lucky kitty!

Can't wait to hear the details (and see the pics!)
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Wee! Hope you have fun.
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I wish you were in my area, I have a mama cat with five new babies that need to find a foster home, the humane society is over an hour away, and I can't get them in as often as is needed by myself. They are wonderful kids and I would love to keep them, but nine cats (including my three) is just too much for a little trailor when they arent allowed outside. I am going to go meet with the humane society people this weekend, and hopefully I can find a good home. Wish me luck!

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I do wish you luck, Chris. Where are you located? Maybe someone here knows of a no-kill agency that can help. Google is a good way to find one!

I spoke to the lady who is holding the cat for me. She is a beautiful, very nice tortie. But she has a litter of 5 month old kittens, and one 9 week old kitten. The others in her last litter died, by the time she brought them to her owner, they were cold! And when the current kitten was three weeks old, he let her out again, so again she is pregnant! Poor little girl, she is just a baby factory!

But she will be an experienced Momma. And the odd thing is, the previous owner wants her back! I don't know how she came into the foster system, or if she will indeed go back to him. If so, I sure hope he is giving a big donation. When she is done raising this litter, she WILL be spayed, have all her shots, and whatever else she needs to be a healthy cat. And the babies will all get spayed/neutered/vaccinated, and found good homes.

More details once I meet her. She has a few weeks yet, since she is probably only 5 wks along.
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I have the kitty! She is quite beautiful, and SO ROUND! I can see the kittens moving inside her! She is way bigger than Miss Kitty, who gave birth to Festus and 3 others last April. But maybe she is stretched out from having a third litter in less than 6 months!

She is a tortie. I wish I had a digital, I would post pics. She has a line right down her nose, black on the right side, tortie on the left. Her left cheek area, where the whiskers grow, is buff colored. Then her chin is the opposite, buff on the right, black on the left. A buff chest, and buff toes. Otherwise dark tortie and black. And extremely friendly.

I am keeping her in a cage in our playroom. I doubt she has had any shots, and am quite concerned that she does not give anything to my guys, and that she does not catch anything from them. When we are home, we can go in, close the door, and let her out. She is very inquisitive, and seems comfortable exploring the room. Mostly she enjoyed jumping up on the chair and looking out the window!

Well, I need to get over to the sticky posts to learn about new mommas. Although I did this a year ago, now that the new kitty is here I am full of questions!
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Doing the happy dance! We have 3 kittens so far!

I'll start a thread on the kitten board, since although she is a foster, Momma is totally tame!
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