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The Cat Came Back

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The Cat Came Back

Lucy, now approximately 10 yrs old, belonged to the previous owners of our new house, where she lived happily as an outside cat (we moved in last February).

Not able to take Lucy with her in retirement, they arranged for her adoption by Mike and Suzy, neighbors who live about 1 mile away. About six weeks ago, Lucy found her way back here, peering in the windows and crying to be let in, undeterred by the presence and markings of our own three cats.

We took her in, fed her, and called her new owners, returned her to them and saw nothing more until last week, when Lucy showed up again. We again took her in, fed her, and called Mike and Suzy, who again came by with a carrier, picked her up and, before driving home, laughingly observed: "next time, she's yours."

Well, next time is here, less that one week later. She's perched on the deck railing peering inside at one of our boys.

How to handle this?
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Wow! That's a cat with some ties! I'll apologize now for not really being helpful. I think that's a remarkable story. Funny how its every couple of weeks, unless Mike & Suzy are trying to keep her as an indoor cat and she keeps sneaking out. Myself, I'd give serious consideration to taking her in. I realize Mike & Suzy "adopted" her, but she obviously has strong ties to your home. Consider how much hardship it would inflict on your home & cats to have another. Talk with Mike & Suzy about their attachment to Lucy. I would think they'd understand, especially since they are familiar with Lucy's history in your house. Consider how your 3 are going to react.

Then, again, perhaps Lucy is playing you for a "vacation" home.

Best of luck resolving this.

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I think you have new fur baby!
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How's your situation with Lucy? Any resolution?

Let us know.

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