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Won't eat after a move

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I just finally moved my cat, Oscar, from my parents' house to my apartment I share with my boyfriend of 2 years. My parents had 3 other cats and a dog. I moved him here on Thursday and he hasn't eaten anything since noon Thursday. He drank water the first day and hasn't gone potty since yesterday morning. During the day he hides but at night, he comes out and begs for attention and is playful and his normal self. I've grown to be concerned because it is not like him to turn up his nose to food. I have the same food dish and litterbox from my parents. I have tried him dry food, canned food, and even chicken broth. I've pout catnip in his food and he sniffs it and walks away. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to get him to eat? I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking I might have to take him back to my parents and I really don't want to do that. I cry everyday, knowing that he isn't eating and it concerns me. What should I do? PLEASE HELP!
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Have you tried feeding Oscar when he's playful and active at night? Are you giving him the same food he's been used to?
Oscar may be stressed from the move. Everything is new to him after all.
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we have tried feeding him while he is playful and he just turns his nose at the food. we are probably taking him home today since it seems he isnt adjusting well at all.
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If he doesn't eat after you return him home please get him to the vet pronto!
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If you take him back and he seems Ok after a few days, then you could try and move him again gradually. I did this with Cinders, taking her to my Mother's house for a night, then two nights, and then finally moving her because I was coming over here. It went fine and she soon became used to the new house and people, especially if I was with her at the beginning.
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Oh I will. I talked to my manager at work today and she said her vet said that cat's take changes like that hard and it usually takes a few days to a week to get them pretty adjusted to the change of environment. So we will keep him here until next weekend and if there is no change in his diet, then I will definately be making a trip to the vet!
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Sweetie if you do that, and he hasn't eaten, he will be pretty much near death. You need to find out why he isn't eating, and yes they go into shock during a move, and can even become ill, so I would take him either back where you got him, or to the vet on Monday. Otherwise, sad to say, you could lose him.
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Well Oscar came out of his room and ate a little bit of food . So we're making some progress. I'm going to see how he does tonight and that will help with my decision on what to do.
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Ok well hopefully you can get him to eat more than just a little bit of food-

Please see this article, in it there are tips on how to get a reluctant kitty to eat

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OSCAR'S FINALLY EATING!! I am the happiest mother in the world! He's starting to come out during the day and spend time with me when I'm home and is now eating and drinking as normal. Thank you to those of you who gave me advice on what to do to get him to eat after a move!
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