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sticky situation

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For all of her life, my cat has loved to lick to adhesive on the back of things like tape. When I catch her, I immediately take it away from her because I just don't know if it's potentially toxic.

Other than just being cautious like that, I haven't given it much thought. At this time of year, however--especially *this* year--it's a little harder than usual so I thought I'd ask you guys: am I being over-protective about this? And, just out of curiosity, what's the attraction of sticky tape to her anyway?

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It could be the smell or Pica. I would start giving her some extra vitamins for cats as well as spraying citrus spray around the tape. That should help to train her that tape is not dinner
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Most of my cats like to chew (but not eat) the tape that is on big boxes. One of my cats loves to pull off the double sided tape I have on a chair (to keep our newest cat from scratching) with his mouth....he holds it in his mouth and swings his head back and forth like he's trying to kill it! He has long fur, so it always gets stuck in his fur under his chin....way too funny.
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Sometimes when Eliza is slurping up whatever tastes so good on tape she gets it stuck somewhere on her face (not so she can't breathe; that wouldn't be funny) and starts trying to back away like she can get away from it. I have to admit she has to wait a moment or so while I have a giggle before she gets "rescued".

I guess, however, the question I'm really concerned about is still unanswered. Is it possible that the adhesive can harm her? She doesn't eat the tape, she just licks the sticky side.

I keep thinking about how anti-freeze supposedly smells and tastes really good to cats and dogs but--well, we all know what happens when they drink that. I don't think tape is quite like that, but is there any danger at all?

Thanks again...
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I can't imagine that she could get enough adhesive off the tape to do any harm....but, I'm not sure. Perhaps you could call your vet and see whether she/he knows.
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