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New Kitten Diareah/Vomiting

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Hello...sorry for the gross question but I guess that this place is kinda for this stuff. I recently adopted 2 kittens from the local SPCA. They are sisters and 10 weeks old. One is completly healthy but a little shy. The other is friendly and just as spunky as her sister, but frequently has diarreah and has begun vomiting. They eat the same food and Noodles is fine, but poor Mooch is not happy when she is in the litter box! She seems fine the rest of the time. She is not lathargic to the least bit! Does anyone have any ideas what this may be from? I cannot contact a vet untill Monday. Also, does anyone have any recommendations for a different food? We are feeding them kitten chow and they gobble it up. I've heard of trying to feed them baby food with some rice mixed in or give them the milk supplement for orphaned kittens. Any suggestions or ideas would be most welcome!
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You should make an appt with the vet asap. It could be worms or other intestinal parasites. If it's parasites, feeding her a blan diet won't help. You didn't say which brand of kitten chow you are feeding.
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Purina Kitten Chow....called the vet today and they gave me some suggestions and said if they don't work in a day or two to get her in to see them.
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Although there are a ton of better foods on the market, if price is an issue for you, I would at least give the purina One kitten food a try.
Since they are so young, and came from the ASPCA, I would get them both in for a good exam and a fecal. It's very common for shelter kittys to have worms.
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Thier paperwork says they had thier worming done. Can they still have woms? I bought a small bag of another brand whos name I cant think of at the moment. I just dont want to make them sick by changing thier foods a lot.
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Check and see when it was done, they need one dose and then another in about 10 days. Mix the food you just got with the current food at first, it will help to prevent any stomach upset.
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They won't get sick if you change food gradually. Kitten and Cat Chow is not the best food to feed at all. They will get sicker if you don't get them to the vet and find out what is wrong with them. Depending on the how heavy the worm infestation is, one treatment may not be enough, but before you do anything else get the sick kitten to the vet for treatment.
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