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Do We Have Any Athletes Around Here?  

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I thought it would be fun to see if any people here loved sports and played them. If you were on a softball team now or playing soccer...even rollerblading is great!

Something that gets your blood flowin and your body movin! :laughing2 (well, besides the obvious) :laughing2

What gets YOU motivated to get up and go!

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I should get hubby to post a reply. I'm a real couch potato He's into pretty much any and every sport. He loves hill climbing, cycling, swimming, kayaking and will try pretty much anything that comes his way
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Well, I spent about 11 years dancing when I was younger ( Tap, Jazz, and Ballet ) and I was a football cheerleader in High School. But nowadays, after two kids and a husband I am embarrassed to say that I don't do to much in the athletic dept. I do like to walk though, and try to do that when I can . And I enjoy aerobics when I have the energy to go!!
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Hmmmmm, well, I hate to admit it.....but I don't really do any sports!! Nooo!!! Well actually I play Pool and snooker pretty darn good....but I don't think that really counts as a sport does it?!!! Oh and I run for the bus every morning and evening!!! Can I count that? Please?!!

When I was in school I used to do Javelin and hurdles (though I was only good at that cos I was the tallest in my year!!)I also did a bit of Basketball but wasn't really much good, they always put me in goal defense for the same reason as hurdles!! doh!!

I like watching some sports like ice-skating which I did occasionally, and I love to watch the Skateboarders, and Rollerblading ad the BMXing stunts etc.....but thats about all!!!

Me? Do sport? I WISH!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha
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Well, I enjoy THINKING about being active!

Really, I used to do a lot more. 2 hours of Wallyball a week, road bicycling in the summer months, occasional snow skiing.

I was single then, too. These days it seems I'm two days worth of exhausted by the time I find some free time.

As I said, I think about it a lot...not very proud of that, either.

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Before I got married, I used to rollerblade all the time! Now I don't! I really need to get some new blades, though.... they are worn down.
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I used to be a huge sports woman....grass hockey, basketball, sprinter and the hurdles, competative swimmer (butterfly and front crawl) now all I seem to have time for is horse riding and I try and get into the gym but it is proving to be hard (not enough hours in the day) I still swim.
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I used to be very atheletic in school. Then I got horrible asthma. Now everywhere I go I have to make sure I have my inhalers (2 of them). I still try to bike in the summer & swim. I also like taking walks with my husband. I don't do as much as I like, but I guess that always leaves room for improvement.
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I guess i am a signed up member of the "used to" club too... I used to do so much i wonder where i got the time? Grass hockey, cricket, athletics, cross country, swimming, and horse riding too... now i guess i am more of a Mouse Potato I do try to bike as much as i can, but i think that is about it, unless running around the house dragging a mouse on a string for the cat to chase can be considered sport

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I wouldn't go so far as to call myself an 'athelete', but I do like to go to the gym and swim laps. My gym has a pretty big pool with 10 lanes. I also enjoy aerobics and doing step classes. I love to rollerblade, and behind my townhouse there is this wonderfully winding trail that goes through the woods.

We also have a gym in my office. Not a huge one, but it's got a treadmill and a stair stepper, weights, and a huge tv in the corner and a nice stereo. It's the size of a regular size office. It also has a shower. My company put it in for us so we wouldn't have to leave to go to the gym if we didn't want to.

I played organized sports growing up, but I'm such a klutz, and really not gifted atheletically. I was the girl who would trip and fall while playing center field and trying to catch a fly ball. I'm just not graceful (to put it mildly). Swimming was always my thing.
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I love to rollerblade myself, it's much easier in Florida! We don't have any hills! :laughing2 I went blading in California...eeeeeks! I thought I was on a pair of rocketblades instead! :laughing2...I definitely brought home some memories other pictures! :LOL:

I also love to bodybuild, my next competition is next year. I plan to do the USA and/or National Championships...then finally will get a pro card. Not that that means a lot of money!!! :laughing2 Just a personal goal.

I guess the reason why I started this thread is cause sports have always played a large part in my life. It seems to bring people together and work as a team. The intrinisic rewards as well as the endless inspiration for focus and perserverence seemed to have come from being active in sports...well, for me anyway

Rhea, running for the bus counts! :laughing2 :laughing2

I loved reading all your replies! They're just great. I think even being in the "used to" clubs still counts, cause your body remembers and you'll do it again when you have time

Anne, I haven't seen you in sooooooo long! I'm so happy to see your post...ONE BIG QUESTION: When are you having your baby!!! :laughing2...OR...did I miss it????

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Is to work with my horse. I either do some roundpenning with him, take him for a walk or ride him in the pasture or the woodlands, but he is still pretty young yet, so I do most of my work with him from the ground. Most to the weight I have lost recently seem to be from my legs and hips. I can't do sit-ups or pull-ups because I have had so many abdominal surgeries that it is hard for me, so I just keep hoping that working with him 4 times a week will allow me to loose more of my waist.
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