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Cat Is Out Of Control At Night !!!

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Hi everyone! I'm glad I found this place as it is a wealth of info and everyone seems quite helpful . I look forward to contibuting and learning more about cats in order to make mine healthier and happier!

I do have a question. We have 2 cats - both DSH's. The older one [4 yrs old[ has been with us since he was weeks old. The younger one [1 1/2 yrs old?] we've only had for 2 months. He was a rescue hence we don't know his exact age. The people @ the shelter said he was given up by a family with a new baby because he kept jumping up on the mother when she was nursing the baby.

When we brought him home [both neutered males] they actually hit it off fairly well. Within a day they were sharing food and a litter box and withing a week they were playing with each other and cleaning each other with no conflicts. The relationship between the is fine. The problem is with the younger one at night.

The younger one becomes quite active at night. He will awake around 2 am and wake the older cat to play. The younger cat will chase the older one around the apartment making all kinds of racket. I am sure the neighbors are on edge - I'm just waiting for them to start knocking at the door. He also cries during this time and "chases his demon's" which are really nothing at all. He becomes extermely hyperactive during these times behaving like a "wildcat" so to speak. Come about 6:30 am all is fine again and he mellows out.

We have tried playing with him at night to tire him out - didn't work. We tried locking him in another bedroom for the night with food, water, and litter. He chewed at the carpet under the door trying to get out and ruined it [both cats are declawed] - not to mention the massive crying that went on. If one of us gets up he seems to calm down - almost like he is doing it for attention but if that is it we can't figure out how to solve it.

We are at our wits end as we are not sleeping very much during the night. As we both have demanding jobs we need sleep for we are turly at a lose of how to address this problem. We are actually considering giving him up because of this problem but it would break both of our hearts to do so. That said, we do have to solve this problem or that will be our only option as we clearly cannot go on like this.

We would appreciate anyones insights on this. Have ya had the same problems- how did you remedy it? Any ideas as to why this is happening or hw to stop it? We realized there would be a "transition" period when we got him but it's been well over 2 months and ths still has not improved. Please help all 4 of us out !!!!!!! TIA .
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remember cats are nocternal (sp) they dont adjust to sleeping at night because the family wants them to, its their natural insticts to hunt and be wild at night. there really is no way (as far as i know) to stop this behavior , but you arent alone, 2 of my 3 cats do the exact same thing , they run up and down the halls at about 2 am fighting eachother. the oldest one doesnt, perhaps when they get older they settle down more.
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What you are experiencing is typical nocturnal behavior from a kitten, which is what he still is, even after being neutered. He is in full prey mode at night, because that is his instinct, that is when cat's hunt, it is when their prey (mice, moles, gophers etc) are out. He can no more stop his frenzied activity than you could volunteer to stop breathing.

So what you do, is you redirect his activity. You engage him in a nightly ritual right before he goes to bed with an interactive toy. Because your cats don't have claws, you might want to stay away from toys with feathers, because cats like to catch things with their claws, and go with something like the cat dancer, or the laser mouse. You play with your kitten everynight, at least 10 minutes, interactive play (meaning she is after something besides your feet, or hands) and you follow up this playtime with a bowl of warmed up canned cat food- the reward for catching the prey.

You will more than likely find that your kitten will stop playing so actively at night and instead sleep the night away
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