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relationship with kitten

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I am a master of 6 kitten. they are about a month and a week old. I was so happy and surprise when the mother cat "born" them in my bedroom. Now they are very playful, sometime a bit aggresive. When i sit beside them or come close to them, they will jump on my leg, play with me, try to bite me .... I can't explain the hapiness like being a "father" of 6 kitten. But one of them is opposite. She is the oldest among her sisters and brothers. She is scare of me. She will hide somewhere if i come close. I can tell she is scare by her reaction and behavior. When my hand is approaching, she quickly ran and hide underneath the rack. I can feel her heart beats so fast when i hold her in my hand. She never comes close to anyone. I am out of solution. I hope anyone can give me some clues. This situation happens since her eyes were opened after 2 weeks she was born. I believe that cats have their own characters. I just dun under the reason she is scare of me. I am lack of experience of this. Anyone of u got any idea?
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I will bump this up so perhaps others can offer good suggestions for you.

First of all, when the kittens are fully weaned at 8-9 weeks, I would get this mamacat spayed. Are you committed to keeping all of the kittens or are you going to find homes for them? Whatever you do, PLEASE get the kittens spayed all at once also.

As for the scared kitten, I would suggest that this kitten is likely the runt of the litter in that she is the omega of her little pack..She might get to eat last, and get bullied by her siblings though I don't know to say so absolutely..I have only witnessed this behaviour in dog packs..and I know its not necessariy the same thing, though there are alpha cats and a hierarchy in the cat world as well.

You are right...all cats have different characteristics. She may just be the timid cat of the bunch.. I wouldn't force yourself on her or attempt to pick her up..Leave her with mum and sibs and allow her to come to you over time.

Hopefully others will offer good advice!!
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