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Hi does any one remember me?

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Hi I haven't been here in a long tiime. I broke my wrist and had surgery. It's been a long way back. Had to have a steel plate put in my upper arm close to my wrist. A lot of theropy and I'm doing better.
I remember some stuff, some I'm confused about. I remember using this log in title. But because of misspelling I thought I was able to get the log in name changed to Sandy Cat. I remember signing posts under that user name. Just cann't remember. This recovery has taken a lot out of me. I have three cats. Two I raised from two weeks old. Another I found up a tree. Hope that will help someone remember. Thakyou if you can help.
Sandy Cat
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Hi Sandra,

If you are confused as to why you couldn't log in- then it isn't your fault. We crashed around Christmas big time, lost over 1,000 members when we came back (because of corrupted files) and everyone who had posts lost their numbers as well. It was quite a mess. But we made it back online so Welcome back!

I am glad you had surgery, and I know that physical torture- i mean therapy was grueling. Don't over-tax that wrist now!
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Good Morning Sandra!
So sorry I don´t remember you well, but I´m glad that you go back here!, Welcome aboard!
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I don't think we were around at the same time - but no matter, plenty of time to make up for not knowing each other before . Welcome back I'm glad you're doing better now.
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Hi, I'm new, so can't remember you! Nice to meet you now, though! I have 2 inside and 6 out!
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Hi there, I don't remember you but welcome back to TCS!
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Well Hi, Everyone, :wavey
You might not remember me. I hadn't been in the forum for long. I was going by the name SandyCat. Maybe if I tell you about my three babies it will help all of you remember.
Almost eight years ago I lost a beloved cat from cancer. It tore me apart. My mother was in the hospital at the time. It was her birthday to top it all. I had to walk in to that hospital. Tell my mother that our baby was gone. I told her there, just in case something happened. Mom had suffered a stroke. She was suppose to get out of the hospital that same day. I couldn't risk telling her at home. It tore us both up.
A couple of days later a friend called me. She had heard what happened. She told me that the cat where her husband worked had just had five kittens. On or close to my mother's birthday! She told me I could have one of the cat's kittens when they were old enough to leave the mama.
The husband's workplace has a large field behind it. There were two cats to keep the mice from coming into the building. He had a box for the mama cat and kittens.
A week or so later I got thinking about the mama and kittens. I called up my friend to see how they were doing. I was shocked when she told me, that the mama cat was hit by a cat the night before. The husband couldn't find any of the kittens. So I opened my big mouth and told her if they needed any help with anything just let me know.
About two hours later the husband called me. He had found two of the kittens in the field behind the workplace. He asked me if I would take care of the kittens. I paused for a second. "I have a bedridden mother to take care of. I don't need anymore worries" I thought to myself. The pause was only a second. "Yah bring them over" I said to him.
These kittens were only two weeks old when I got them. Unable to leave the house because of my mother. I fed them with an eyedropper. At first they didn't take to it. But by the second day they couldn't get enough. I fed them every couple of hours. Between my mother and my babies I was a busy person.
Sadly the other kittens were never found. No one knows what could have happened to them. They just seemed to disappeared. I always hope someone found them the night of the mother's death. The couple had found the mother that night when they returned to the workplace. But were unable to find any kittens that night.
Of course after taking care of these two precious babies. There was no way I was going to give them up. My babies are seven years old now.
My other cat, I found up a tree in my front yard. Believe it or not, at one o'clock in the morning. I thought I heard something like a bird. I knew it wasn't a bird. So I went out to check. A kitten was in the tree about ten feet up. I spent a half of an hour talking the kitten down out of the tree. She is six now. So that is the story of my three babies. I'll shut up now. Best wishes to everyone. Sandra
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