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Positive kitty vibes for Princess please...

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My bf's beloved girl Princess went to the vet yesterday and was diagnosed with Feline Acne (under her chin). They said they had to surgically clear it up for her, so we left her in overnight.

We called today to see when we could come and get her, and the vet told Max - over the phone - that she had reacted to the general anaesthetic, had died during surgery, and had been revived after five minutes. As if that wasn't enough, she is now `temporarily' blind - from anywhere between 24 hours and six weeks.

We made the choice to bring her home for the night, and look after her in comfortable, familiar surroundings. She was quite frantic for a while, but if we hold on to her constantly, and cuddle, she is relaxed and fine. She has been on my lap/chest/tummy for the last three and a half hours, and is so floppy and dopey. But every time we put her down she starts to fret again.

The poor little girl, Max is distraught and I am not much better.

Could we have your healing vibes and prayers for Princess? It would be dreadful if she lost her sight permanently, although the vet seems sure this won't happen.
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This is distressing news. I'm so sorry. It will be an adjustment for her when she gets home until her sight comes back. They are amazing creatures. So adaptable to change. I know it will comforting for her to hear both of your voices.

My prayers are with her to have a full and speedy recovery.
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oh sweetie how terrible for both you and princess!

i hope she gets better soon.
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Poor Princess. Sending lots of positive vibes and cuddles for her. I hope that she regains her sight quickly and is able to put this unpleasant experience behind her.

She lucky to have such a loving mommy and daddy to give her comfort.
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I am heart-broken and am praying for her! PLEASE keep us updated, please!
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oh my gosh what bad news!

I hope she recovers
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Ohhh, a few minutes ago she was lying on my chest and she started purring and grooming herself!! She still hasn't opened her eyes, yet, but we have her wrapped in her towel on the floor on a doona (she might very well fall off the lounge or the bed if we left her there) and she is still sleeping peacefully and not fretting. So there is improvement
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Oh how scary. Lot of healing vibe from me and my gang going out to Princess.
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How terrifying for all of you. I do hope she shows lots more improvement soon. What a dreadful thing to result from fairly routine procedures.
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Poor baby! Sending out "get better" vibes to her and both of her humans. Please keep us posted on her progress.
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Oh no Sarah! my best wishes to her soon recovery of the Princess!
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Poor sweet Princess. Hugs and love coming your way from us for all of you.
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Poor baby!!! What a horrible experience!!! Thank God they were able to revive her---what a fighter she is!!!

I pray that she regains her sight and gets better very soon!!!

I've never heard of having to be put under to clear of kitty acne---was that really necessary? Had they tried any other methods like creams or medications first???
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HEAPS of vibes flying over for poor Princess!
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Well, a little update on Miss Princess.

Last night we popped her on the floor on a doona, wrapped up in her towel. She stayed there for an hour or so, sleeping, and did not fret that she wasn't being held. Then the anaesthetic really started wearing off and she was up and down for a while - not going anywhere - but changing positions etc. She also had something to eat and a little drink.

We took her to bed and she slept the whole night through in between us without really moving. I woke up with her at dawn and she was in the act of getting off the bed. I jumped up as I thought she would fall if she couldn't see anything, but she navigated it perfectly and then went trotting through to the laundry to have some bikkies. When we got up she was navigating the house perfectly with no problems, and we thought she could see again, but when we tested she is still completely blind. It amazes me how incredibly she has adjusted in such short time, she hasn't banged into anything and is very agile.

We rang the vet and we think she can distinguish between light and dark (Princess, not the vet ), which is a good sign. It is a bit disconcerting to have her look straight into your eyes and know she can't see you at all, but apart from being EXTREMELY vocal and desperate to get outside (which is NOT going to happen) she appears to be back to her old self. The vet is pleased with her progress and is certain she will regain her sight in time.

Thank you for all your messages of support and encouragement - I am going to post some photos of her for you to see that I took last night when she was all floppy and adorable. Max insisted that I show you all how sweet she is!
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Well I'm very glad to hear about Princess improvement. Although I'm still sending lots of happiness and love her way.

Gosh, I'd probably freak out too if anything like that happened to my babies.... especially when you're the one that has to call and find out how your baby is doing. I hope they threw in some discounts or something.

Take care and god bless
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I am so sorry that this has happened to Princess, but I am glad she is doing better. I am sending healing vibes to you all.
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Wow, how awful and scary for all of you. I have said a prayer for Princess that she makes a full recovery. Please keep us updated on her progress. Hugs.
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