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cat sounds

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I know alot of you understand cat noises

Ok Indie is a mewer, but Minx doesn't do that alot (unless its food time and she's inpatient, then I get a demanding one to hurry up!)
What she does do though is a kinda brrrrrrr noise :S sometimes its just a short brrr and then it's brrrrrrrr with it going high pitched at the end!

She does this alot, when I get home, when I greet her, if I talk to her, because she just wants to lol...any of you know what this means, or is that just her way of talking? Or am I ready to be carted off to a home for the mentally insane :P
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my cat does that when i stroke over his face (which he absolutely adores) and he also does it in the morning when im in bed, he nudges my head with his forehead and does the brrrrrr thing, i think its his way of saying 'good morning!!!'
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socks is very vocal, he always makes like a sort of chirping noise when he see's me, or when he walk's into the same room as me
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Sunday only meows very occasionally, but she chirps constantly. Every time you walk past her, touch her, look at her, wake her up - anything! She is a real little chirper - it is SOOOO cute!!
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George is a Brrrrrreeer. I've had Brrrrrrrrrer's most of my life. Megan is an up and coming Brrrrrrrer. I can tell. McKenzie is just vocal and Mama and Lizbeth never meow or brrrrrrrr.
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Milky is very VOCAL when he´s starve!!!....
Just for his convenience... .......
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hehe least I won't be carted off to the ' home' now I think its real cute! Minx actually done a meow today, and it wasn't over food!
It was MEEE ' I demand to be picked up now' OWWWWW
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Mini has the cutest little squeaky voice. She doesn't talk much. Tucker has a quiet "bbrroow' type of thing. He likes to tell me about his day. When we first "met" Skyler as a stray, he was a talker. He would greet us from across the street & keep meowing as he came over to see us. He hasn't felt good lately, I hope he is like that again when he gets well, I love when cats are vocal!
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One of the kittens we adopted recently talks ALL THE TIME without opening his mouth at all..it is very weird. lol
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