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she is in labour

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she has been pacing around all morning then she came and sat with me on the seettee straight away she lost some fluid i quickly took her upstairs to her box where it is quiet there is a little bit of blood coming from her not a lot tho im going back up there with her now ill let you know when she has them
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Best wishes for a safe delivery!
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hope she goes ok you can phone me if ya want i'm in uk
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sending birthing vibes your way!
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she has just had the first one quiet big it is she is still cleaning it and doing all the other yukki stuff they do lol
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what colour is it? has she eaten the placenta? does it look ok? breathing etc.
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it is all black yeah she is eating the placenta another one is on its way
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yeah its fine moving about looking for its food lol
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good i'm glad they are ok
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number 2 has just arrived it is moving about and looks fine a bit bigger than the first one
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I do love being in at the birth! So exciting! What colour are they?
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number 3 has just arrived 2 black ones and one ginger
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Way to go! Any more to come?
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no im pretty sure thats it no sign of any more contractions or pushing ive left her alone with them now to clean herself up ill check on her in a bit
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cool i thought that tho and she had one more lol
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Great! Now we look forward to pictures.
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yeah after reading yours i keep going up to see lol i will get some pics on soon she is still eating the placentas tho at the minute so i will wait till she has finished that before taking any pics lol
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she had two girl and a boy one of the girls is completly black the other girl is a tabby and the boy is ginger they are so cute and she is a great mummy
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