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I started a thread earlier today to tell you about a thread I started in the behavior forum, and it has been deleted.

I started the thread here because I needed advice, and this forum gets more traffic.

I don't feel it was offensive, so could someone let me know why it ws deleted?

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Cleo, I checked the moderator's page and didn't see anything about it. We always discuss when (or whether) a post needs to be deleted, so there would have been a note if one of us mods deleted it. Is it possible that it just didn't actually post...that there was a glitch of some sort that kept it from posting? Hmmmmmm.....
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Cleo, I saw the post earlier and now its gone. Seems it vanished, eh??
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I remember seeing your post here also.
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Sorry Cleo, I didn't have a chance to PM you earlier. Anne does not want duplicate threads on the site, so I am the guilty one. When you have a duplicate thread, it is hard for people to follow what is going on. If someone replies in one forum, someone else may not see it in another.
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now if we could only figure out what happened to lilyrose... (cue twilight zone music)
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Cleo, I think if you just made a thread here, saying, Hey guys, please check out my thread in the behavior forum, and then gave the link....that would be okay, that way there wouldn't be two seperate threads, but people here would know to go check out your other thread in the other forum.
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Thats what I did, but I didnt add the link...no biggie, I just wondered what happened.
Sandie cleared it up and all is fine
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