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Itchy bottom??

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My newest addition, Reuben, is a gorgeous siamese/lynx. We adopted him from the humane society. He was pooping all over the place when we first got him, but now that has stopped. However his belly seems very hard and he is very lathargic. He eats a lot, his poop seems ok, but his tail end is never clean. It is browned with feces and sore. When I try to wipe it, there is blood present. He walks with his tail down and seems to bite at this area frequently. We took him to the vet, no worms..had him on meds and a lotion to calm the butt down, but it has not improved. Any ideas?? I desparately need them, can't get him to the vet until next pay period in two weeks.
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did the vet treat him for worms anyway? Is he scooting? If he is dragging his bum across the floor you may have impacted anal glands. Those need to be expressed.
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he was treated for worms, and I haven't noticed him dragging his bottom. He just bites and licks it a lot. There is always dried poop around it.
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I am not sure if it will help, but when Abbey was too chubby to clean herself properly I used baby wipes. I am pretty sure they have wipes with aloe that might soothe his bottom?
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Two things you mentioned have me far more worried than a possible itchy bottom... Reuben is lethargic and his belly is very hard. I know it's not good timing financially to have to get him to the vet, but that's what you should do. He could potentially have a serious health problem, especially if worms have definitely been ruled out. The only way to be sure is to have him re-examined. Two weeks is too long for him to wait. If Reuben was exhibiting these same symptoms when the vet first saw him, go to a different vet for a second opinion.

I'm so glad you adopted Reuben - hope you'll soon be able to find out what the trouble is. Please keep us updated
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I will try to get himt o the vet asap. I was thinking as i was looking over the cat diseases that it could possibly be FIP, I just got him and I am so attatched and I don't want to put my other babies at risk. Keep the responses coming, they have been ever so helpful.
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