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Cats and horses

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I found this on another site I visit. I was so amazed by the relationship between these creatures, thought I'd share it with you.


. . . All of us could learn from animals if we had the sense. My cat Simba is Mr. Independent who is not usually a touchy feely kind of guy. However, just let me get sick and he becomes Mr. Velcro. . . . The ancient Egyptians believed that you could not get into heaven without a recommendation from a cat. I can understand that. There is something otherworldly about a cat. People who do not think cats are loyal do not know cats.

A barn is not complete without a crew of barn cats. They more than earn their keep. They keep mice down which in turn keeps snakes away. Mice are attracted to horse feed and their droppings can cause illness in horses. They also provide some incredible love and support to the humans and animals there. Over the years, I have known some extraordinary barn cats. While sleeping in a barn with a sick horse, I have been kept warm by barn cats. While searching a 60 acre property for a missing horse late one cold wet night I was escorted by one of the best friends I ever had, a tuxedo cat named Elroy. No matter how wet and muddy he got, Elroy would not leave me in that pasture. The water was 20 inches deep in some areas. He would wade and swim through it but he would not leave me. When I would call my horse, Elroy would echo it with a loud cry. He was calling too! Elroy would wait for my car every day at the entrance to the stable and would get in and ride with me down to the barn. I always believed that God sent Elroy because whenever I went through a scary crisis with a horse, Elroy was always there for moral support.

I had an old quarter horse, Peaches, that loved cats. In the winter, she would sleep with her favorite barn cat, Fluffy, curled up next to her face in the bedding in her stall. Peaches would caress and nicker softly into her favorite cat’s face for hours. Once three tiny barn kittens moved into her stall and I saw all of them swinging from her long thick tail. It didn’t bother her in the least. She wouldn’t dream of stepping on a cat. No matter how crowded her stall was with cats, (at that barn the cats followed me because I was the primary one who fed them) she never stepped on a tail. She would gallop around the barn and when a cat stepped in her path, she would come to a sliding stop and nearly fall down to void colliding with it.

My Appaloosa Rebel adored a white fluffy barn cat named Salty. Salty loved him too. It was odd because for some reason, up until that point, Rebel hated cats. After Salty though, Rebel never disliked a cat. Rebel would nuzzle Salty and she loved it. He would gently roll her onto her back with his soft nose. Then he would groom her belly. She loved it. She would purr in ecstasy and eventually go to sleep. She would rub all four of his legs the way cats do people that they are fond of. She would softly bat Rebel’s nose when he was eating and he would patiently move his head away and wait while she inspected his food and soon as she figured there wasn’t anything edible for her, she would let him continue eating.

This post is way too long but I have always wanted to post a tribute to the above special cats . . . My theory has always been that although God expects us to love one another, he realizes that we really don’t do it well so he gave us animals to fill that void we neglect in each other.
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You're always so filled with positive Threads! Thanks for sharing that one! I loved it I love horses and cats..I totally agree that cats are far more superior than any animal on this earth. Even HUMANS! hahaha!

Love ya,
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I enjoyed reading about how the different animals relate to each other. Thanks for sharing!
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My orange kitty Bailey is Racer's buddy. Bailey will walk the rafters over Racer's head while Racer is eating. If Racer is out by the orchard, Baily is in a tree nearby. Bailey loves to sit on Racer's back while Racer is grazing, and many a night I will find Bailey either in the hay feeder or the stall curled up while Race grazes nearby. It is an incredible friendship that started the first day that I brought Bails home. Somewhere I have pictures of the two of them together I need to dig them up and post them here. My other cats steer clear of Racer, except for this fearless orange tabby who can't seem to get enough horse love.
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hey MA,

got any pics for us of Racer and his buddy?
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I think horses are the most graceful animals on earth. And cats, well, what can I say. I LOVE 'EM!!!
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