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bellsouth.net e-mail probs --- arrggghh

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I am having some kind of an issue with my e-mail. I've finally pinpointed it as a Bellsouth prob and will be raising Caine with them tomorrow if it doesn't "fix" itself overnight.

I run 99% of my e-mail through my website to various_addys@rosehawke.com so that I can add/edit/subtract addresses as I need to. Using these methods I probably get something like .00001% spam. Over the last few days I noticed that my e-mail seemed even lighter than usual, and yesterday when I asked hubby if he had gotten my e-mails and he said yes, he'd answered them, didn't I get the replies? I started getting suspicious. I've never used webmail on my website before, but after a bit of fumbling today managed to set it up and then sent some test messages to myself through the rosehawke.com addresses. Amazing. they all were present and accounted for in my webmail mailboxes but HALF of them NEVER showed up in my bellsouth.net inbox. I changed a filter (that I didn't even know I had!) at bellsouth.net that I wanted to receive ALL mail without going through a spam filter. I have no idea how often the server updates (as of a little while ago, it's still losing them) but if it's still losing half my mail in the morning there's going to be Holy H*ll to pay

I realize I have a rather unusual set-up but still---! Anyone else on here have problems with Bellsouth's e-mail?
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I'm not on bellsouth... but sorry to hear about your email problems! I know how frustrating they can be!
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we just started using PacificBell as our DSL source and we are using email through them too. We have only been using it a few weeks, and we havent had any problems yet,(knock on wood) but good luck getting yours taken care of!! I know it is very frusterating
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Yah, I just checked. According to Thunderbird there are "no new messages on server" ... meanwhile I've got two message notifications from TCS sitting in my rosehawke.com webmail. We are NOT a happy camper !
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I've had a bellsouth email addy for almost two years now, never had a bit of trouble with it.....I've gotten lately where I just pick it up from the bellsouth.net home site, and upload it when I get a chance.
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Don't have Bellsouth but I can relate to your frustration. When we moved into our new house, it was a NIGHATMARE getting our Sprint DSL installed. The installer missed out appt 3 times and when he DID show, he didn't bring the modem. I called the cust help line to let them know how much trouble I'd had and that I didn't have the modem. They ended up giving us a $30 acct credit.
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Well, I've checked it this morning and it's DEFINITELY a BellSouth problem. Hubby called to see if I'd received the e-mail(s) he'd re-sent me to test the thing. The one sent to my "real" bellsouth address came through. The one sent as a reply through my rosehawke.com address did not although I checked and it's sitting on my website server pretty as you please. The thing is that SOME of them are getting through. I shot off a restrainedly polite e-mail to Bellsouth this morning with an outline of the problem. What do you want to bet that I get some sort of a canned response telling me how to set up my e-mail or some such? I'll give you good odds, 8-4 ....

Interestingly enough, in talking to hubby he said that the owner of one of the sites he frequents mentioned that it "had come to his attention that some of his e-mail was not being received" and this fellow lives in .... ta-dah! Birmingham! What ya wanna bet that this fellow is ALSO on BellSouth?

You folks that have said you haven't had any troubles out of them ... I sincerely hope you're right, as there is absolutely NO WAY you can tell you're not receiving e-mail due to what is apparently a filter or server problem without doing something sort of like what I've done so that the mail goes elsewhere first and then is forwarded on to your BellSouth account. Oh, other than the obvious one where somebody says "Did you get my e-mail?" of course!
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Well, I almost would've won the bet, instead of a canned response on e-mail, I got one on spam! I hate when companies live up to my expectations!

So, another e-mail off to explain the problem --- again . Sometimes I think these folks spend so much time with bits and bytes they've forgotten how to "talk" with real people.

I may start looking into another ISP although other than this I've been fairly happy with the service, the DSL is certainly worth the extra $ we spend on it (If we ever moved further out, that would be what I missed the most!)
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