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TCS Signature Designers - Post here!

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If you are a member who volunteers to design free signatures that meet our guidelines, please post here so we can have a master list to reference.

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I will help do them... just PM me you can add anything about what youd like done to it too...
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Hello Everyone,

If your interested in having a lovely pet signature to show of your beautiful pets and make them stars. I am here and will do them for free and they will comply with the guidelines of this board.

If you are interested just PM me with your email address and I will send you the information you'll need to know. The reason why i like to do it by email is because it is easier to keep and look back at where as PM is a lot harder and I only have limited space.

I have done quite a few for people on this board as well as many others, I enjoy making pet signatures and I also create web sites also.

So if your looking for a designer to do your signature, Just click on my name and select to private message me and we'll get started and make your babies stars!


R&D Desigsn 2005
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I've never done one for anyone else before, but it might be fun ! I did the sig you see, and I've done some simple gif animations (I can't afford the flash software, darn it, and I'm not sure you could insert flash animations anyway.) PM me and we could go from there.
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I am able to help out for simple siggies if that is what you are looking for
PM me and I will let you know how to send me some pics!
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I can do siggy's as well.
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I'm no good with pictures, but I can do 3-D, animated names, like Deb's or mine in this thread. Just let me know the wording (the shorter the better - they're pretty big, e.g., mine is 5,477 bytes), vertical or horizontal spin, color, and preferred font, if any.
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I enjoy making siggies too & would be happy to help out anyone who needs one.
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I also have and continue to make signatures for anyone who wishes. If you would like to see some previous examples that have been created, just click my signature and follow the links. You can find all the information necessary there to get you started on your way to your very own free signature to use in any forum you like that allows them.
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i can do siggie's too if anyone wants 'em. Just PM me.
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I like to make sigs too, so if anyone wants one PM me with the pics and info or AIM me on bumpysmum
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if anyone would like a free signature! I use Photoshop for my signatures. please pm me for more details
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I can also help people learn how to make picture signatures. I am also willing to make one for someone if they don't know how to do it. Just send me a PM.
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I'm still learning myself, but If anyone would like me to try my hand at making them a sig Just PM me, or email me at

I can always use the practice.
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Im willing to make siggies if anyone is interested i have the ones i have made in my photobucket album i think the link is in my profile.
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I just made my first siggy and loved it and am addicted to it! If anyone wants one I'd be happy to take a shot at it! Can't promise a top of the line one, but it would be at least as good as mine is.
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I just wanted to add this since our younger members are unable to PM folks and my prior post specified to contact me via PM.

If you need to contact me, you may do so via pm.
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and here are some of mine (or you can click on my sig to see more):

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I'll give it a try if anyone wants a siggy! I am new to it so right now my themes are mainly with flowers and butterflys, but they are fitting for the spring!

Here's a few examples:

Here's a couple I made for a ferret forum I post on

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Since I'm unable to edit my previous post, I'm adding this new one with samples.

I enjoy making them, so don't hesitate to ask if you're interested... just send me a pm or if you click on my siggy, you can get to my email addy from the link.
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i am currently out of the siggy commision seeing as how my puter died a slow horrible death night before last and DH wont let me add anything to his laptop lol.
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I'm new at siggy making...but I'm already SO addicted!! LOL I'm willing to make siggies for anyone who needs them, just pm me for my email address to send the pics to me!
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I'm addicted. Just made my frist one and would love to make more! PM me with links to pictures!
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I am new at making siggy's but I am addicted. Below are the sigs I have made, up to date. I wanted to put them in so that you could see if my style of siggy is what you were looking for.

I would suggest you put your pics in the siggy shower thread, and then pm me that you would like me to make you one, and what kinds of things you would like your siggy to have.

Siggy Shower Thread


My siggy's

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I guess u can count me as a siggy maker...I am learning more on backrounds and things thanx icklemiss21 for the thread to your tutorial in a different post , and also I love doing siggys ecspecially for other people so any one can ask and just tell me what you want !
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I'm available to do any sigs. PM me for my email and you can email pics/request details. I'm still new at it but I'll do the best I can

Here are a few samples of ones that I've done:

For Myself

For CatCrazy Person

and for more samples, while it's not cat related, I've made two South Park banners (if you watch the show you may understand what they mean) *lol*

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I've done a few more signatures since my initial post. I think they show a bit more what my style is:







I also have my most recent banner here:

and one I had to take down because I used a copyrighted logo (woops) But linking it should be ok www.handidrummed.com/reesessundae.jpg
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I am available for making signatures i will post exsamples soon!
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I make sigs too - love doing them. I'd be willing to make them.

A couple examples (though they're not all cat-related):

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im very new at making sigs and by far not the most talanted on this board , but im more then happy to do one for anyone free it makes good pratice aswell lol.
heres some iv done so far.
some for myself

and for others

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