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OTC worm meds?

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Can anyone recommend a decent over-the-counter worm medicine?

Blackie seems to have worms (rice in the tail, eh?) but I haven't managed to get rid of them. I have this powder stuff that is dosed by weight, but with two cats of different sizes and eating habits, I'm not sure I'm dosing correctly. Blackie doesn't seem to improve, and Sparky seems a bit off so perhaps he's getting too much? I also have an anti-parasitic for humans, but I'm wary of giving it to a cat. I don't really have money for a vet visit right now, but it's been a while for Blackie and it seems important to treat him. So perhaps one of you has had good luck with something off the shelf?
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Blackie needs to see the vet. You can't buy tapeworm medication over the counter.There are 2 medications and they are both prescription only. The stuff you have been using is only for roundworms.
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Ah, different kind of worm! Well, that explains it.

In that case, how serious is this? Only because it's a money issue, with the move next week and the holidays and hubby's b'day and not having tons of free cash even if none of these things was happening. Can I wait until after the first of the year? Or is this hugely serious and I need to take him right away? I assume they both need treated, since they share a litter box? Blackie goes out but Sparky does not, so if he has them it's from Blackie.
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Tapeworms are from ingesting an infected flea. So Blackie must have eaten a flea. That's not a guarantee that Sparky will have them unless he has eaten a flea. I wont say that the tapeworm is going to kill him in a month, but it's not real healthy for him. If you can, you can call around and explain that he has tapeworms and if it's possible to just get the medication. Do you have any low cost clinics there?
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A fellow Texan! Hurray!

If your vet is hopefully as cool as mine, ask him if he will kindly give you advice on how to treat your pet, and then purchase his medications online. For example, I'm a college gal and am trying to save up my pennies for my post-graduation life, but when Tux came into the picture, I certainly didn't want to skimp on his meds. So I asked my vet what he would prescribe and how much, wrote down the information, and went shopping online.

I purchased Drontal (a great dewormer) from Pets Megastore in Australia. Don't be turned off by the fact that it's all the way over yonder; living in Tennessee, I got my order placed on a Monday and the medication in my hands by Friday of that same week. In addition, the exchange rate works in our favor, and shipping is not exorbitant.

Good luck with your furbabies!
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