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When i give my kitty a bath i use the Johnson & Johnson no tears baby shampoo.. Is that ok?
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It is best if you use a shampoo made specifically for cats. Is that your kitty in your signature pics? If so and she is still a kitten then you should make sure the shampoo is specifically for kittens. Many times, things that are completely ok for humans can make a cat and especially a kitten, very ill. If you really want to use the
baby shampoo then at least clear it with your vet first. Just to be safe!
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the ph is far different in cat shampoo than in human... I personally like the foam catnip bath by vets best
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I have used J&J baby shampoo for years, and it works great. The important part is that it be non-toxic and tear-free. To wash Logans chin when his kitty acne acts up, I use Baby Magic and it works great! My vet had confirmed that both products are fine, and to just be careful around their eyes.
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One thing that helps restore ph balance in the skin is doing a final rinse with a couple gallons of water mixed with 2-3 tbs of vinegar.
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