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There is nothing more peacefull looking then seeing a kitty all curled up or stretched out sleeping.. especailly if you get them with their tongues hanging out a tad hehehe so cute.
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naps...around here...never?




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Kitten Pile

Dutchy and family..




Fitz and Jig:

Kitten piles!:

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Great pictures everyone!!

Every desk needs a kitten

I guess I am more the one napping here!! (kitty is just parasitising my warmth)

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Buddy naps mostly one way and thats on his back. I am not sure why but he seems so peaceful while he naps. He looks like he is smiling. This guy is very special to me. My husband and I found him at our work. The cat hung around work for a few days people feeding him little bits he was afraid but starving. I was able to manage picking him up and I realized he was already fixed and declawed. He had no way of defending himself or catching food. We took him home right away, called around and never found the owners. He was so afraid he was panting really hard and drowling very bad. He was very distressed. I helded him, talked to him and loved him back to himself and he has been a happy happy guy ever since.

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Here's Mirah and Annie when they were little.

You can just see Billy here.... see his front paws sticking straight up?

CJ sleeping really funky...

Here's CJ and Billy when they were just little.....

Tuckered OUT!!!!
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Originally Posted by DaiDreamer
So CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

Now that is the face of a stressed cat..
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hehehe yes he is very relaxed now, he was pretty stressed when we brought him home but that was over a year ago now so he very at home and comfortable, mind you he has a couple nicks on his nose cause Chucky the king of the Castle sets him in his place at times but he is doing Very well..
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Great thread, I love when cats are sleepy, they are always the most cuddly!

Here are a few of my kids, Elle loves to snuggle up to Simon, most of the time he cuddles back, but a lot of the time he pretends she's not around and sits on her!

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Only pic I have of Mischka & Linx actually touching while napping

New one of Sundance
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JaneMary - Simone and Elle are too cute My favorite is the middle picture where you see Elle's head peeking out from under Simone hehehehe
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I remember these pictures and had to post them for sure.

Max drags this thing around - Its and old stuffed lion baby. He curls up with it , plays with it and sleeps with it.

I love this one, he looks so comfy..
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He is smiling!!!! that is so sweet.
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Remember Buddy this is a picture of another one of his interesting ways that he sleeps. I only have two cats in the house that actually sleep this crazy.. Buddy most times you will see him on his back like the pictures I posted or you will see him on the fridge, table or anything he can actually hang over like this

The other guy Ive sleeps on his back but when he is awake he lies on his belly flat as you will see below

Now this is Ive awake in the opposite position

If you don't find him lying like this on the floor, you will find him on my kitchen table the same way or sleeping on his back
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Adorable sleeping kitty pictures! Here's Sash all comfortable sleeping away............

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So many pretty kitties sleeping. I found some pics to add. Here's Raven:
and Pandora sleeping until my flash went off. She sleeps like a vampire or Lily Munster.
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I love it when they sleep with their bellys showing
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Originally Posted by Lil_Axl_Gurl

I think we have twins!!!

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