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Bengals! Cuteness Alert!!

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Look how big my babies got! They will be 10 weeks old on Monday! They are heavy into thier fuzzy coat stage but they are gorgous.

One in front is Cash

Cash's face

Cash again learning to use the scratching post

Cookie's butt


Sirabi (now named Mazarati by new owner)

Mazarati again

Mazarati on left and Duma's face on right

Cookie and Cash

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Oh my... have they grown or what! Looking spunky as always!

Thanks for the new pix!
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All I have to say.
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I want one so bad!!!! How ever will you part with them????????
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I don't know. Every moring when I go into the room to feed they all gather round for thier kisses!
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Great pics very cute all off them
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Very cute!
Mazarati looks right at home with all those car pics behind him
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I know I was thinking that. And the ironic thing is those pictures were there before the new owner named him! I didn't even realize there were cars in the background when I took the pictures.
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aww theyre geting so big!!! :o i want a bengal sooo bad!!!
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They grow way too fast! But they are just adorable!
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Your kitties are so cute, great pics!
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They are just adorable. I remember when my Simba was a baby Bengal. By the way bengalbabe, did you know you have the same Birthday as my Simba does? I thought that was kind of cool, considering Simba is a Bengal and you breed and raise Bengals
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Your babies are beautiful. I can see why you fell in love with Bengals.
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Masarati is awesome! I those rosettes!
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cute babies
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