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Kitten Puberty?

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My problem is a rather sensitive one as this is a family site, so I'll try to be as tactful as possible. :goodbad:

I have a 3 yr old female, Cagney, who had a litter Aug. 25, I kept one male kitten, Rudy, who is now 3 months.

I planned to have Cagney fixed this Weds. but yesterday she went into heat. :

All day yesterday I'd hear Cagney calling, and would find little Rudy holding her by the nape and attempting to ....you get the idea.

Isnt he way too young for this?
What age do male kittens reach "maturity"?

Theres no way he could accomplish anything, he's very tiny for his age as he was the runt and is still much smaller than his littermates who I still see often as they went to friends.

How should I handle this, besides having Cagney spayed of course, which will be done when her heat is over.
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It costs a bit extra, because the vet has to some things differently, but it can be done. And don't underestimate Rudy tooty- when I took my kits in to be done at 5 months, Bacardi was pregnant with one of her sibling's litters.
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Thanks Hissy.

I don't think theres much to worry about as far as Rudy impregnating Caggers, he cant even come close to "reaching" her :laughing2: and like I said, he's very small for 3 months, looks more like 10 weeks.

It just really freaked me out to see him try that, and I wondered if this was normal at his age.
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Well I have a male from one of Sunshine's litters. He is now almost 4 months old now, and hasn't started any behaviour like that at all. Sunshine has an appt to be spayed in Dec ( first one available ), so now you've worried me that maybe she might pregnant from her own son. Oh, how gross.:paranoid3
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yeah...ewwww...inbred kitties...it happens, but not a pleasant thought.

At least you'd be sure of the bloodline! :LOL: (ok, not funny)
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