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when are the babies coming?

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That's what I keep asking my pregnant foster cat.

The woman from the clinic said she came in as a stray around March 12 or 15 (I can't remember) and the vet felt the kittens. I read somewhere that they have to be at least 20 days pregnant for the vet to be able to feel them.

So I picked a Feb date somewhere towards the end (24th maybe) and put it in the feline pregnancy calendar. It said she was due yesterday. I realize that there is a lot of guesswork going on but she doesn't look or act like it's an imminent event.

She is still eating, I think. (my fat cat keeps sneaking into her room and eating the kitten food--just what she needs ) She did throw up her breakfast this morning. She's active and playful. She'd be running back and forth across my house with 1 of my cats if I let her. She has shown no interest in "nesting". Her milk has not yet come in. No excessive grooming of particular body parts.

What is the time frame for those things? Will the milk definitely come in before she delivers? Will there come a time when she definitely will stop eating? I'm afraid that I'm going to look in on her at some point and SURPRISE we've got kittens.
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My vet told me that our cat would deliver March 27, or the 30 at the latest. She went until April 6! (That's a long couple weeks of watching and waiting!) Anyway, she did not stop eating, or start nesting, or pacing, or excreting milk or anything ever. The only thing I noticed was that the night before she delivered she was lying on her back rather than her side or stomach. But then, she's a skinny little thing and had 8 kittens inside her. I just figured as long as I could feel the kittens moving everything was on track. (I awoke at 5 in the morning to little kitten squeaks - that was my only clue!)
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thanks for the quick response. It's good to know that I may not see these behaviors so I need to just be prepared for anything.
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Exactly! Isn't it fun!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta
Exactly! Isn't it fun!
yeah great.
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She's still acting like herself. She tore through the house this morning and last night chasing/playing with my boy kitty. This morning she ate a fair share of the Eagle Pack wet food I put out for mine.

If I couldn't feel those little lumps in there, I would swear she wasn't even pregnant.
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my cat just had her kittens this afternoon i the only thing i noticed until she sat on my knee and lost some fluid was that she was really restless and going behind my furniture
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UPDATE: The clinic contact emailed me today and said that she came in around 3/14 and should be delivering around 4/14 or so. That makes more sense since she looks still pretty small. I guess we'll see!
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I believe she is in the early stages of labor. She's been pacing all around her room since at least 2pm this afternoon. She's also been continuously meowing and chirping. I was sitting in with her for awhile and she was rolling around on the floor and wanting me to pet her.

We're going on 7 hours of this behavior thus far.
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When Tiger had her kittens my stepfather said all she did was start looking around and going behind furniture. I belive Sheba was the same way. A friend of mines cat also didn't give many signs. My friend woke up about 3 am with kittens at her feet. Yes, her cat had her kittens on her feet while she was sleeping! I belive it was also either Christmas night or the night before that....her little sister thought Santa brought them.
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it's 3:30am and she is still chirping away. One of my cats is sitting on the other side of the door and the 2 of them are scratching on each sides and smacking each other's paws.

She looks like she just settled down for a nap so this may be my cue to go back to bed too!
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thanks for all of the non-help.

I believe that she is not pregnant and is in heat at the moment. This was based on my many hours of online searching last night and her behavior today.

I guess the good news is that there won't be more kittens introduced to the world.
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Maybe she needs to see the vet for another check-up. If she's not preggers, she can get spayed. I just got a pregnant foster tonight. She is bulging, and I can see movement. I think she has a few weeks left, as she has a 9 week old kitten, and was allowed outside when the kitten was 3 weeks old. I am VERY excited!

Keep us posted about your girl-I thought the vet felt kittens initially?!?
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Originally Posted by felisdomesticus
thanks for all of the non-help.
Not sure where this came from....there would be no way for anyone to know on this forum given your description whether this cat was indeed pregnant or not.

Our rescue has from time to time received what we thought were pregnant cats...even the vets swore they were pregnant but it turned out they weren't. It isn't always easy to tell.

I agree with Beckiboo who suggested a trip to the vet. At least you can determine whether she can be spayed.

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