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Is chasing normal

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I have two cats a 14year old female called Tiger and a 14 week old kitten called Lilly. We had the kitten when she was 8 weeks old. Thanks to this site I think I have handled the introduction between them not too bad. Tiger we had at 14 weeks from the CPL and she had been in isolation as her brother had cat flue. She has never been a lap cat and everything is on her terms only. Lilly was brought up in a home with 14 other cats and a dog she likes to play and will fall asleep anywhere on someones body. They have only been left alone twice and are both still intact when I get back.
My question really wether chasing each other is play. They will go one way Tiger chasing Lilly then the other Lilly chasing Tiger. Tiger will bat Lilly no claws and Lilly falls on the ground on her back. She then gets right back up and the chase is on again. She never cries and never tires of the game, unfortunately Tiger does. She was very much sleep and eat cat and is over weight, Lilly is 2lb Tiger is about 17lb. Usually Tiger will slink away to a spot Lilly hasnt found yet does all this sound normal I love them both to bits.
They occasionally touch noses like a kiss and will eat next to next and use the same litter tray.
Thanks for this site and any encouragement you can give me.
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I wouldn't worry about it...it sounds like they are connecting and building a relationship. Unless you hear sever screaming, hissing and attacks..they will be fine
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Congratulations - it sounds as if the introductions went very well and now they are playing and establishing dominance issues. My three chase each other all the time - Dushka will only stand for a certain amount, and then, like Tiger, goes off somewhere quiet. Persil would play chase and hide and sseek all day if the others would let her. as long as they are not screeching and using claws on each other hard they will be fine, though I would examine them both occasionally for any accidental injuries - mine have sustained the odd bite or scratch that has needed antiseptic.
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Sounds normal to me too!
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my two cats who are mother and son do exactly the same thing. sounds like they are becoming good friends
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Congratulations!! Your cats are normal!! It sounds like they have bonded and are simply having fun.
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Like the others have said it's normal You should see my two chasing after each other up an down the stairs!
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Pardon my interruption, but what happens if the chasing does turn into screaming and biting? When I introduced Spot last September, he mostly ignored Willow. Within the past few months, he started chasing her around the house. Within the past few weeks, he has gotten quiet vicious and has taken to trapping her under the bed or against the wall and biting at her. He also wacks her for no apparent reason as he walks by. I do have a Feliway diffuser (it is in a central location, near to all the rooms in my one-bedroom apartment), but he's getting worse. I moved them to this new apartment last month (with the diffuser installed the day I moved in), and I'm not sure what to do now. Any suggestions?
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Two of my boys chase each other almost all day.. then they just pass out on the flor.. but I too like Coud_Shade have been noticing it has been getting quite aggressive now. These two are brothers and have known each other all their lives and were only seperated a short time.. I don't know what to do other then put the instigator in a different room with the door shut for about 10-15mins until they calm down.. that usually works.. But it can't keep on like this..
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If chasing isn't normal behavior...then my cats are seriously abnormal! All night in my house is what my husband likes to call the "kitty stampede"! If nobody's getting hurt or seems bothered by it (hiding from the other one or lashing out at them) then I'm guessing they're just burning off extra energy and trying to establish who's "top cat". Good luck! If it starts to drive you nuts, keep them out of your bedroom at night, or separate them periodically if they get too wound-up.

Have fun!
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