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I borrowed a friend's camera, and was playing around with it. I got several shots of Simon the Genius cat, but not doing any of his genius stuff.

Here he is, posing, pretending to be the tough guy he wishes he was.


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And here he is in one of his favorite spots to hang out...

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Oh my gosh, he's as beautiful as he is smart! I don't believe I've ever seen a picture of him!
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Great pics!!!
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What a handsome boy!
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He is as gorgeous as he is smart! Wow, brains and looks...this kitty has it goin' ON!
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LOL, he is gorgeous...and he's smart. Thank goodness he's neutered, or I'd be tempted to let him prove his studliness by breeding him. LOLOL!!!

His eyes are so bright and clear blue; it's tough to get a shot of him without red-eye...but this camera is amazing, and did right by me. I've got a shot of two of the other 4, as well, but I can't post them; I seem to have exceeded my limits. Not sure how to fix that...

Anyway, I'm off to the office - hopefully I'll be around this weekend, and can catch up with all of the goings on with my feline friends and their owners...toodles 'til then!

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Michele -- he's gorgeous!! We already know he has character to burn, but it's right there in those eyes! Hope you get the capacity thing worked out, so we can see more. Ever think of remote linking to somewhere like photobucket, instead of using attachments?
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Simon is one handsome cat!
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He's so beautiful!!!
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ahh the famous Simon at last. i dont why but i pictured him ginger....

he's lovely and has a really smart look about him.
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Simon say..."I´m soooo cute"..
Excelents pic´s michele!!! Love his eyes!!
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oh my goodness....LOOK at those EYES :-) what a handsome boy

his markings and coloring actually remind me of a Husky I used to have in my life
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boy, he just has everything, huh? brains AND good looks...
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SIMON IS GORGEOUS! What a beauty!
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He's a cutie pie.
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fabulous pictures!!! What kind of camera is it?
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he's a cutie i see he likes the sink same as spaz
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Aww cute
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awwww, his face is adorable, what a cutie pie.

I want to squeeze his cheeks
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Michele, Simon is gorgeous! Those eyes are amazing! He has it all, brains and good looks! Thanks so much for sharing his pictures! I look forward to more of him and the rest of your fur family (especially Pengy )
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He sure is beautifull. Thanks for sharing.
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