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Me and My baby

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Hey there everyone My name is Mari and that gorgeous kitten on my siggy is my baby, my love! my everything

She is about 9 months maybe not really sure but i kno shes young! I can remember when i first got her
I had been expecting her for a week because my little brothers friend was giving away kitten and i wanted one despite that my mother did not like cats.. So My brother never showed up wit any kitten at all.. So i gave up..
One day my bro came home ans said i got the kitty, and i was like "yeah right" and he opened his book bag and out came CLOUDY! it was love at first sight! She was the most cutest tiniest thing ive ever seen! she Hadnt even grown her teeth yet!

I was trying to hide her from my mom but the next day i confessed. My mom said that she would give the kitten a week, but i guess she got attached and now we are all a happy family!

---About Cloudy---
She is a mixed breed :-) but im not sure what she is!
Im proud to say that i have the most wildest craziest kitten ever! Lol She is sometimes rough when playing but i guess its because her teeth just grew in LOL but i like when she jumps me its cute and funny! She likes to attack anything that moves , and when she is in that mode her ears go back and she looks evil!
Now she is more calm, shes getting older She sleeps alot more and now she eats a whole lot more..
I feed her Iams Kitten Formula and The Iams kitten Dry food, she wouldnt eat the iams dry food so i had to mix it in with the kitten formula..
Recently i changed her food bc she wasnt eating it, i guess she got tierd of the same thing every day? So i got her the Purina brand Cat Chow, and let me tell you she eats it alot! i dont even have to mix it with canned food, so hopefully that will get her some meat..

She gets lazy sometimes and sleeps all day and plays all night, usually trying to suck my shirt (weening problem? or she just likes sucking shirts)LOL Or she walks ever so slowly on me and then jumps on my head Ha! so cute!,, Well now she sleeps along with me and i Love having her sleeping next to me. I dont feel alone anymore.. Although she is a ruff kitten and beats me up (LOL) and eats my homework.. I know she loves me! she shows me it all the time, like when i come home from school she gets up from her sleep to greet me at the door.. I love to see her when she just woke up because her eyes get all chincky! lol

I love my baby! And sometimes i wish that she doesnt get old and stays crazy and playful all her life!
I know im going onnnn and on but what can i say?! I LOVE MY KITTY!
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What a cutie-pie!!

Welcome to the cat site, Mari and Cloudy!
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Thankz :-)
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Hi Mari, welcome to you and Cloudy too at the site!!!
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Welcome to the site Mari! Cloudy sure is a cutie!
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Your baby is so cute!
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Welcome to TCS Mari!
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Welcome Mari and Cloudy. Cloudy is a lovely name for your beautiful kittie.

Enjoy browsing around this site and enjoying all the nice people here.
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Hi welcome to the site, Cloudy is a cutie.
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Aww thanks everyone!, Cloudy is flattered she loves attention, I have to say that you all have gorgeous adorable cats!!
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Hi, Mari and Cloudy! Sierra and I welcome you to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Wow! Cloudy is just so beautiful, and she sounds to be such a sweet baby! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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hi, you're baby is beautiful! and you should read the thread "does your kitten suck" it seems a lot of them like to suck! mine sucks on my pants all the time

hi i is paco...and i thin yur kidie is nice lookin...we could be frens cuz i made frens here and they is all nice! we lovs to see pictrs 2, you sound like a good meowmy, yur kidie is luky
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Welcome to the site. Your Cloudy is lovely.
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aawwee... cloudy's sweet welcome!
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Hello and welcome!!!

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