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my kitty<3

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I have recently found a stray cat outside of my house and I adopted her. Her name is Baby and she goes pretty much where ever she wants to. Last night, she wanted to go outside so, like every other normal day, i let her out. Later on, i checked to see if Baby was outside by the door but she wasnt. So i gave her about 5 minutes then my mom and i went looking for her. We called for her and we left food outside for her but Baby never came back. However, early this morning, my mom went to the door praying to see Baby, and there she was. Baby never once spent the night outside since we adopted her, so my mom was very worried. As soon as Baby came through the door, my mom could see that Baby was limping. Seeming very upset, my mom woke me up and we examined Baby's leg. I couldnt see any scratches, holes, splinters, or anything that could've possibly happened. Everything seemed normal, except for the limping. We can't get her to a vet right away because cost is deffinitly an issue, but if you could please just tell me anything i can do to make her more comfortable and in less pain before she goes to the vet, it would be greatly appreciated.
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I am sorry to hear that Baby is limping - does she seem in pain?

I cant offer any advise to help until you can get her to a vet but I would keep a close eye on her and if it gets worse then I would see if your vet will accept a payment plan with you so that she can be looked at...

good luck - keep us updated ok?
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Set an appointment with the vet if there's swelling and pain. Hopefully it is only a muscle sprain. In the meantime, keep her indoors and give her plenty of rest.
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SHe could have a sprain, or been bitten by something that didn't break the skin, or have a thorn or piece of glass in her paw pad. It could be a lot of htings. Look for any heat, from her paw upwards and if there is any, or any swelling, then get her to a vet asap.
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update on Baby::
This morning Baby was in a lot of pain. She was depressed and very tired. However, this afternoon she climbed out of her pen and walked to the couch with less of a limp. She's still sore but she looks a lot better and she's a lot happier now. Thank you all for your help. You have no idea how greatful I am for your support and advice. I'll keep you updated. Thank you.
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is she spayed? if not it is possible that she had a little "adventure" with a male stray or two, and he/they couldhave hurt her.
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She could have been bit, especially if she is not spayed. If she is not spayed PLEASE do not let her outside. You could lose her easily if you do. Cat bites take a few days to fester, you may be looking at a future vet visit anyway, if she starts getting worse, please get her into see a vet. Cat bites can be nasty critters.
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