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Help Please =( TUCSON, Arizona

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hey everyone... it's been a while since i've been here. i'm in need of some advice/aid and i didn't know where to turn. i'm in the middle of a big move from phoenix to tucson with short notice, no money, and two cats with me. in order to afford the move me and my bf are going to stay at his parents house when we originally get there but they have 4 dogs and can't take in the kitties. i do not want to/will not give them up and i'm scared of boarding them due to the vaccinations required which the vet advised against getting... and due to the dangers involved without those vaccinations. i'm planning on moving into an apt asap but in the meantime i don't know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas/can anyone help me with a place for them to stay for 1-2 weeks? And anyone in Tucson AZ know of any temp jobs available? I'll be moving again across country within a few months and I"ll be ok then... it's the transition i'm worried about =( i keep waiting for an idea to pop in my head that will solve all my problems but it's not coming
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I have family in Tucsan, but what vaccinations are required and you are in fear of getting?
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I also live in Tucson. Most apartment here will not allow pets unless they charge you a pet fee. Can you rent a mobile home in a park? You may have better luck in keeping your babies.

If you need ajob, go to your nearest DES building or ONE STOP and register. Most times you can get a referral for a jbo the same day. If you go to the ONE STOP on a Wednesday, they have employers there that will sign you up on the spot.

If you can give me a rough estimate of what part of Tucson you will be in, I can let you know the nearest Job Service or ONE STOP.

What other vaccinations do the boarding places require?
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