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Daily thread for Sunday

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So, I see I am the first one up this morning and on the boards! Lucky me.
My kids were up at 6 am and my husband had to work early. So I'm ready to go at 7 am! Pathetic for a Sunday.
Today is LAUNDRY DAY!! ( hey Colby, I only have 2 loads today!! But I did 4 already on Thursday so thats 6 for the week. Yuck!! )
And of course I have to fix my lights. Stupid d*mn things. I thought about them all night laying in bed so I think I'll tackle it right away to get it over with. And I just realized too that I only have colored lights for my bushes which means the hubby is going to be *itching and whining because he only likes white lights. ARGH!
Ok, enough complaining here. I think I'll go get my day started. Happy Sunday to each of you, hope you are all doing something "festive" too.
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My 2 brothers called up the other day and informed me that 'they are coming up here today and get me ready for winter.' I get a kick out of that, given the fact, I have lived through MANY winters.

It is nice of them, and I look forward to their visit. My MS has been rearing its ugly head lately, so I have not had as much energy as usual - it will be welcome help.

I cannot believe that today is the end of November and I have my windows OPEN! Go figure that one! Laundry seems to be calling me today too - notice the boys didn't say they were coming up here to get my laundry done! Where does it all come from? I have decided that we are either awfully clean or awfully dirty, as it grows and grows and grows.

Hoping everyone has a great day and enjoys themselves!
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Well now that all my cleaning is done, I'm heading to Ken and Sandie's house for a visit and to see that cute little Chaos. I also have to stop by my daughter's to bring her ginger ale and chicken soup because she's sick. Other than that, my day is free!! First time in months.

Have a great day everybody.
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Shredder is walking on his injured leg, full weight bearing! Yesterday he could only walk with a towel wrapped around his stomach and with me supporting him. I was so scared that an emergency trip to the vet would be in order today. The swelling has gone down and the antibiotic is helping but the biggest help are the prayers you guys sent up for this little scamp! Thank You! He is out of the cage now and prowling the upstairs and even playing.

Today we will work in the shop, we have 5 Christmas knife orders to finish and then we will come in and plunk down on the sofa and watch the rest of our movies we rented yesterday. I am just so relieved that Shredder is able to bear weight today and he is back to his mischievous self!
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Mary Anne, I'm so happy to hear about Shredder. Bless his little heart

Donna you sound like you have a full albeit fun day ahead. Hope Amy feels better soon! You're a good mom

Deb, that is so nice that your brothers are coming over to help. Family sure is great

Daniela, good luck getting the lights corrected. What does your husband do that he has to work on Sundays?

I'm off shortly to go pick up my finished pottery. I can't wait to see it. Then we hae to stop and buy X-mas decorations for the tree. I lost the old ones in the move, I think. Oh well, I kind of like the idea of going out and buying brand new stuff

hope everyones sunday is peaceful and happy
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Colby, he's a retail manager for a retail store (CVS, you have it there right?? ). Usually they alternate weekends off, but because of the christmas season, unfortunately he's a pretty busy guy these days.
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we do have CVS here, in fact there is one right around the corner from me. less than a mile. poor guy, I feel for anyone working retail this time of year. I've had various retail jobs, including working at the Disney store, which is really a cluster $%#@ this time of year!
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We spent our entire 5 day vacation painting our sunroom. It took the entire time because there are so many windows that had to be painted...sigh! We didn't have thanksgiving dinner because we were painting. But...we finished this afternoon! Yippee! Unfortunately, the color doesn't look anything like the sample....so nothing matches this wacky color we now have on the walls.

Tomorrow its back to work....two more weeks of classes, then finals week, then we're off for three weeks! Ah, academia! Nothing like winter break to make the rest of the semester worth while!
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Colby, yeah retail at this time of year is pretty challenging I think. But he's been a retail manager for about 15 years now, so a career change I don't think would be beneficial to our financial situation.
He comes home grumpy or just plain exhausted. But, I just do the "pamper him to death" thing and he seems to snap out of it pretty quickly. At this moment he is zonked out on the sofa and my two year old is doing anything to wake him to no avail. Poor guy!
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