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advice needed

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Hi my my 6 month old kitten gave birth last night to 5 healthy kittens in my wadrobe cupboard ,,and she just follows me around all the time meowing at me now is this normal ..and is it ok to move kittens in to carboard box ,will she reject them if i do?
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wow that really young to be having kittens
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you can move them but i wouldnt unless you really have to. make a few boxes so she can have choice if she wants to move them and keep her in a safe kitten proof room.

my cat followed me around too after she had her kitten. maybe sit in the room with her for a while so she feels safe. shes looking to your for reassurance.

i had to have the nest box on my bed for a month to make her happy!
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if you do move them by hand try to cover your hand with something with her smell on
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buy a couple of cheap pet beds coz your gonna need to wash the bedding every few days. get three so you have one to se, one to wash and a spare.
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Is the mum looking after the kittens properly ? when mine had hers, she didn't come out of the box for the first few days (apart from when she was hungry). Does she visit the kittens regularly ?
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I would leave them alone, and shut her into the cupboard with the kittens. Use a baby gate to block her in. They need her warmth and they need her milk. I would check on her a few times and if you see that she isn't caring for them, they are constantly crying, moving about, then you need to get proactive and raise these babies yourself. 6 months is a very young for a kitten to give birth and she may just be overwhelmed and in need of help from you. Also keep her indoors or she will get pregnant again- www.kitten-rescue.com will help you learn what these newborns need.
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Just to let everyone know ,that tilly has had totally turn around ,she is feeding all of her healthy kittens.They are growing fast .they are 5 days old now,Cant believe she had no problems delivering or feeding them,im so proud of her,,,
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