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About Weights

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I weighed my troop of kittens today. They are 22 days old. Here goes:

#1 - 8.9 oz
#2 - 7.4 oz
#3 - 7.2 oz
#4 - 7.1 oz
#5 - 6.9 oz
#6 - 6.6 oz
#7 - 6.0 oz
#8 - 5.0 oz

Of course the lightest are the 3 girls, and #8 hasn't doubled her birth weight yet. So - I'm a little concerned, but she's developmentally on track. But, she's still kind of bony. All of them seem a little light, but I guess it's sort of like humans and twins/multiples? Lighter birthweights and longer to catch up?
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Yeah, a 22 day old kitten should be about 12 oz in weight. (If my calculations are correct.) So...they are all light.

But if they are healthy and development seems normal, they should catch up over time and hopefully hit 2 lbs by the time they are two months old. Eight kittens is a pretty large litter.
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wow.. I never knew the weight were like that.. my two boys were bottle fed since they were 4 weekd old.. someone found them while they were mowing their lawn.. and they only weighed 3 oz when we first got them. now they are almost a year and 13 and 14 lbs =)
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