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Did I do the right thing?

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I have a house that I had rented out and Tuesday the tenants were evicted. I saw them remove Isabell and her four new babies. I found the tenants back at the property and asked what their intentions were about the remaining animals, they were going to remove all of them but Frankie. Frankie is the mother of six of my cats and the cat I fought so hard to finally get fixed. She will stay at the house and be taken care of by my ex. We had driven by the house a little early this evening and once again saw the tenant out back. He left before we came back to feed Frankie. My fifteen year old happen to open the garage door, which is piled floor to ceiling with trash the tenants packed in there, sitting among the trash was a very small cage and what we thought at first was a rabbit. That rabbit turned out to be Isabell and her four babies! They did leave her some water and food. Why did he bring her back and put her with the garbage? I took Isabell and the babies into the house where she would be safer and warmer. She is at the moment safe in the bedroom of the temporarily empty house with her babies, a blanket, food and water. My intentions now are to see if I can find a rescue who will let us foster them and have them help us find them homes if the tenant doesn't break into the empty house and take her. Isabell was just a sweetheart as we got her settled in the house, purring and loving on us. And all I thought I was faced with was making friends with Frankie! Did I do the right thing? Just in case you are wonder the former tenants are in between places.

Dozen2Luv (Which by the way is now a baker's dozen...9 week old Brian joined the cat family a week ago.)
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I think you did the right thing...I would suggest contacting this group to see if they can recommend a rescue:


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If you really believe there's a possibility that the tenant will actually break into the now empty house, you should get Isabell and her babies out of there. Certainly it's better for her to be in the house than in a garage filled with garbage, but I wouldn't take the chance that this guy will come back.

Isabell's not spayed, and the guy left her in a tiny cage in a garbage filled garage. Hardly a conscientious guardian. Take her home where she'll be safe and try to find a reputable organization that can help you adopt out the kittens. Since Isabell sounds like a very sweet kitty, if you can't keep her, at least she has a chance to get adopted, too.

Thanks for caring enough about Frankie to get her spayed. Hope all turns out well for Isabell and her babies- thank goodness your teenager opened the garage door...
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Checked on Isabell this morning and she was happily feeding her babies. My daughter is going to let the tenants daughter know that we have her and she will know be our responsibility. If we can't find Isabell a home she will be fixed and stay at the house with Frankie. I had offered to fix Isabell when Frankie was done but they refused. I had made arrangements prior to this with my mother in law to make sure that if the cats were left behind that they could stay and they would be taken care of. As soon as I find out how soon the ex is moving in then I can make more informed decisions for Isabell. I will contact some of the local rescues and see what we can do. We can foster if need be but since I have 13 of my own I would be pushing my luck with adding anymore to our household. I am sure that my daughter wouldn't mind Isabell sharing her room for a little while!
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Update on Isabell! She and her four babies have taken over my room. I went to pick her up and her former owner was at the house and ask if I had his cat I told him yes and he wasn't getting her back. His daughter then asked why couldn't she take Isabell to her house, not including the kittens. Yea right! I informed her that she knew where I lived and if she really wanted Isabell she could let me know, because right now the kittens needed their mother. I also told her that Isabell would be fixed before she left my house. I really don't think they will bother she is one less hassle in their life. I honestly don't think Isabell will be going back to those people, I am going to try and find her a home when we do the kittens. Anyway she and the kittens are doing fine, and we have a home waiting for one of them when they are old enough! Only problem is my cats can't figure out why we are all sleeping on the couch and not in their room!

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Yes, you did the right thing, and bless you for it. Best of luck in getting everybody a loving home.
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