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Kitten Won't Eat

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I have been feeding a kitten that was abandoned by its stray mother. I believe the kitten was born around April 11th, and the vet seems to think that date is very close to being right. I have been using KMR formula and a bottle. The kitten (Ms. Dottie Peeples, or Dot for short) has been waiting about 4-6 hours between feedings. The last time she ate well at all was around 10:00 am this morning. Since then, I've tried to feed her 3 times and she seems to just play with the nipple, and chew on it, while turning her head from side-to-side. I am getting concerned that she may be getting sick too, because she seems a little weaker than usual and has not been as loud as she has been in the past. She used to seem excited when we would touch her, and want to get out of the box that we keep her in while she sleeps. Today, she just seems a little sickly.

How long should I want before I take her to the vet? Should I just give her a little more time to start feeding normal again? Is she trying to tell me something by not accepting the bottle?

Any input is sincerely appreciated. Thanks!
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At this age, you don't wait. You take her in quickly because they can be gone in a minute.
Most mom cats abandon sick kitties, they do it out of instinct and survival so the rest of the litter can flourish.
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Thanks. For the record, the whole litter was abandoned. There were 5 kitties. We found homes for the others. If she's not better by morning, we will be at the vet.

Thanks hissy.
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You can try and make up some kitten glop- recipe is on www.kitten-rescue.com and try giving it to her in a small jar lid- put some on your finger and let her lick it, then offer her the jar lid and see what happens- also check the bottle flow to be sure the nipple hasn't plugged up
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Is the glop better than the KMR?
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No but it is different, different texture and sometimes kittens that want to go off the milk fast, like the glop after sampling the KMR
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Thanks again. She's more lively this morning and ate alot better. I am feeling a little better this morning.
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