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Guys I could sure use your advice and support here

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One of my other cats Shredder came draggin in tonight, looks like Mobster, the latest feral to come here has been busy. In all the years I have worked with these animals, I have never met a more cagier and crafty feral then Mobster. I have tried trapping him, netting him, tried to get him at least inside the haybarn and he is wise to the ways of all of it. When he attacks, he usually does it underneath the house because he knows it takes us at least 20 minutes to get under to his hidey hole and then he is gone. Every time he sees me in the yard he splits so fast I can't track him. My friend who would normally come over and dart him isn't in town until after january 1st and I am seriously thinking about drastic measures here. If anyone can come up with another alternative than the one I am thinking of I would listen gladly to it. He is about 6-7 years old, been beat up pretty badly, mangy gray tabby who loves to snarl and growl. My cats are all in an uproar, several have been beat up by him and if I could confine them in the house, I would, except that we don't have one wall of the house right now, it opens up to the new addition which is also open and not sealed. I am just in a quandry right now about how to deal with him, and I have also called Animal Control 4 times and they have done NOTHING- which is typical for them.
Anyway, thanks for letting me blow. I hope those of you who know of me because of my past posting here would know that I would never think along these lines except as a final alternative. I can't have my kids getting beat up like this. They are the priority here.
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I wish I had some suggestions for you, but you're who I go to for advice!!

I'm not going to judge you. I know how much you love your cats, and how well you care for them. I'd be hard pressed to find someone who is more knowledgable than you. I just wish I could give you a solution
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Do you have some sort of garage, or maybe a barn that you can shut your cats up in, just till your friend comes back? I am sure you have tried everyway possible to catch him, and I know your cats come first, I would feel the same way, but yet I feel so sad for this poor cat, who has been unloved all his life, and mistreated I am sure,by humans, which would explain his terror of them, and has had to fend for himself for so many years, I hate to see him killed.
That is horrible that the Animal Control is just ignoring you like that....I feel bad for you, Hissy, cause I know what a caring person you are, and this must be a horrible decision for you. Would your local vet maybe be able to come out and shoot him with a tranquilizer, so that you can take him somewhere else?
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I have NO suggestions. If you're like me, then what you're thinking is definately a last resort, and I'm afraid that's the only 'solution' I can offer.

From the short time I've been here I know that you are a very knowledgeable, caring, compassionate person when it comes to your cats, and you're one of the people I would be most likely to seek out for help if I needed it.

So, if it's moral support you need, I'm there for you. But I'm afraid that's all I have to offer.
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I'm sure I'm opening myself up to some serious flaming here, but I love Mary Anne and her problem is worth taking some abuse for...if it comes.

This cat, although a victim itself, is wreaking havoc on your other animals. It sounds as though you have done all you can to find the best solution to all involved, to no avail.

The attacks you mention could be so damaging to the cats, not just on the surface, but disease wise, and it could definately affect their behaviour towards you, Mike, and the other animals.

Mobsters life seems full of anguish, terror, distrust, and pain...both physical and emotional...not much of a life.

If you cant trap, dart, or otherwise control this cat, you need to do what you need to do.
I don't like the idea of taking a life, but sometimes the end does justify the means.

I will never judge you for whatever you decide, and will back you in whatever you do.

I'm saying a prayer for Mobster tonight, that he find peace in himself, wherever he may be.
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This is hard for me because I save cats not the opposite. Sleep will come hard for me tonight and I have done a lot of soul searching. Debby I do have a hay barn but it is full of 6 tons of hay and there is no way I can put my cats into that area without them turning on each other. Tonight on the phone with Donna and Colby my cats were fighting amongst themselves, something they don't often do, because they are in such a state with Mobster lurking about. I have tried all my tricks to get this cat's trust, and as far as heart traps or other humane traps he won't touch them. I can't starve him into going into traps because our fields are full of mice and he is supporting himself just fine that way. Like I said, this is a final alternative after all fails, and I knew I would be opening myself up to flames by posting it, but I just needed it out there to see for myself if there is another way. Thanks for the responses so far, there are no magic answers here on this one I am afraid.
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Hissy, my thoughts and prayers are with you, I know you don't want to do away with this cat, but it does seem as if there is no other alternative, since your babies are being put in danger. I don't think anyone will flame you for this, not if they know you, and know how big your heart is....you really have no other choice.
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I would hate for you to put him down, but if he is such a ruffian, odds are that if you don't do it someone else will. Once he done harassing your babies, he'll just go on to someone else's. Or somebody will decide to use him for target practice or something. I understand wanting to save him if you can, but sometimes you can't.

Before making that decision, have you checked with a local veterinary school or even the 4H? Or whatever comparable group there is in your area. Just that someone over there might have dealt with something similar before. Or is there a zoo near you? Someone in the big cat area might have a suggestion. Plus, you know, you'd be surprised what people will do to help you if you ask nicely. And a little letter to the editor of your newspaper about wonderful the people at whatever were to help you out . . . Good publicity goes a long way, too.
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MaryAnne -I have read this and feel for all of you involved. I too look to you for advice and help and if you have no answers other than to have him put down, then that is what I trust must have to happen.
It will be hard on you and Mike - but Mobster is miserable and making your babies lives a living Hell. Do what you need to do for all involved and know that I am behind you 100 + percent. God bless you all - He will help you make the right decisions.
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Mary Anne,

You have my support 100% and you know that. You've got to do whatever it is to protect the rest of your cats. One possibility, if he has a separate feeding dish, is to put alot of Rescue Remedy in it. This might sedate him enough to enable you to get hold of him. It's about the only suggestion I can think of. You can find the stuff at any health food store.

Other than that, I don't know what to say except hang in there and whatever you do is for the best. I love you friend.
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Mobster is on his way to the Bridge. Please light a candle for this guy and I know that he will find so much love once he gets there. His soul was tormented by man and I couldn't fix this one, though I tried.
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It's a hard decision to make, but I'm sure you did the right thing.

I'm sure we're shedding more tears for the poor thing now, than were ever cried for him in life.
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if you couldn't fix it, then I know it wasn't humanly possible to fix.

Thank you for putting this poor, tortured soul out of misery. His life of distrust fear and anger was no way to live. He couldn't even live in peace with others of his own kind. I know it wasn't easy for you to do, but it was the only thing you could do. I hope you don't beat yourself up over it. You know where to find me if you need me.

I'll be praying for the mobster, and I'm happy he's finally found peace.
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I am sorry to hear you couldn't help Mobster You tried, though. I am sure he is much, much happier now where he is at. Like AP said, you did everything you could. Mobster is in a better place where he will no longer be tormented.
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Mary Anne, I've just read this thread (I wasn't around these past 4 days - computer problems ).

I'm sorry to hear about poor little Mobster, but like everyone else said, I totally trust your judgement on this one. If you couldn't save him then it was probably not humanly possible.
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MaryAnne - You tried your best and that is what counts. I like what Sunlion said....you are in my thoughts and prayers and so is poor Mobster.
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I haven't been on for a few days and just saw this and wanted to say that you did everything that you could possibly do and I support your decision 110%. I'm sorry it came down to this and that you couldn't get ahold of him... Just remember, he is in a better place now and he isn't hurting or being hurt anymore!
Don't worry Hissy, We still :lips: you~!
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