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Oh no! Oh no! Sad, poor kitty...

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Don't read this if you are easily upset.

I was driving to work today on the freeway and there was a poor, beautiful kitty who had been run over. It was so horrible, there was blood everywhere. I cried all the rest of the way to work

I just couldn't work out how on earth that poor baby managed to get itself onto the freeway, and couldn't stop thinking about how it would have been so afraid and confused. SURELY no one would have dumped the precious thing from their car?????

I'm sure it was a girl, as it was a tortoiseshell, and only looked about a year or two old. It has made me miserable.
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Oh Sarah, there are no words for me to say to lessen the pain and disgust that you feel for what happened to that sweet baby. But thank you for bringing her here for those of us who do care to light a candle for her,{{{{hugs}}}},
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Some weeks ago there was a dead black cat by the center divider of the highway I use for my daily trip to work. At least she/he wasn't mutilated, most likely died instantly and didn't have to suffer (a small consolation). Seeing those poor creatures upsets me too, even though I've been a soldier. It's is one of my nightmares to be going down the highway, suddenly seeing a cat (or any other critter) in front of me and, not being able to evade her/him hitting the poor thing. I guess God decided that the kitty's time on earth was over and called her/him up to be in heaven.

C U later

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Sob* thats terrible,, Poor kitten
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Sending out prayers for that beautiful kitty. She's in a better place now.
Thanks for caring.
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We saw a huge tabby like our own the other day on the side of the road..and it scared me soooo much...cats like him don't come around everyday and I thought for a second it might be him...it wasn't...but dang, I wanted to go back and say goodbyes...I can just imagine the people were heartbroken
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I know it's very sad, but isn't it wonderful that we can come here and celebrate the lives of these creatures who were probably homeless and unloved?

A former priest of ours once made the comment that God is timeless. He was talking about prayer and in his mind all the prayers that are ever said all get to God at the same time, regardless of when they're said on Earth. In that respect, the prayers we say for these unknown, unfortunate creatures now may have eased some part of their frightening lives. (I hope that makes a little sense to ya'll. I still have trouble with the concept.)
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AW it is so sad to see a cat or any animal on the road like that. We saw a dead doe just down the hwy from us the other day. It breaks your heart.

Its even worse to find your own kitty on the road like we found ours just not too long ago. I check and then check again before I open my door to go out just in case Misty is thinking of trying to run out. I dont want to lose another kitty to that hwy.
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Aw that is awfully sad! I cringe everytime I see a dead animal on the road, but kitties just really do it for me!
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Oh no! How awful! Porr baby. I hate it for you, as I know it made u sad all day. I pray the poor baby did not suffer but died instantly.
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Me too. If it wasn't for all the gory bits, she actually did look very peaceful. All stretched out like she was fast asleep. It was still awful though and it gave me a horrible dream last night. Max and I are going to the Cat Haven today to donate some money and get some stuff for our kitties.
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Sadly, I see this way, way too often.
I've just been notified that I have achieved the 1.5 million mile mark in my driving career, so you can imagine how many times I've seen it.

Often, and more in the past years for some reason, I can see cats lurking along side of the road, stalking prey or walking through the grass.
"Please" I pray, "stay away from the road".
I hope they hear me.

Often, I'll catch that all-too-familular movement that only a cat makes as it sneaks unseen by others through a truckstop parking lot
I imagine that the other truckers get a kick out of seeing the fat, bald guy with the plate of cat food go trotting across the parking lot going "here, kitty-kitty-kitty".
Entertainment is where you find it.
I don't care about that.

I was reading somewhere that cats, when greviously injured release endorphins into their system, the kind that numb them to pain and this is how many drag themselves home or wherever before finally expiring.

Often I've fed strays and gotten close enough that with a little more time, I could get them to trust me enough to let me help them. But I always have to leave and I have three other cats aboard that I have to protect from communicable feline diseases.
I want to help one, but I can't jepordize the three that I share my life with, what do I do?

All I can do.

I give them all the food they can eat and they go on their way, back into the night. Usually they stop, turn and take one last look at me before disappearing into the night.

How often have I been yelled at by someone for feeding the strays?
Too many. But usually I deliver the same kind of verbal slap-down that got me banned from IMO to these ignorant hacks and I make sure to leave them with their pride in tatters, their self-esteem in ruins and with serious doubts about their own humanity.
My best and most favored line is,
"Do you know why people become animal lovers?"
It's because they're sick and tired of people that are JUST LIKE YOU!
Maybe people who take the "they're disposable" attitude towards these loving and noble creatures will one day find themselves on an interstate off-ramp, holding a cardboard sign that reads "will work for food" and I'll get to tell them I spent my last dollar on cat food.
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I think I have seen 5 dead cats on the road in 3 days now...spring...
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