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Mika said that Kotton is very beautiful, and he wishes he were there now to cuddle and give you both little wet nose kisses of comfort during such a scary event.

Please let us know as soon as you get word!
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i said a prayer for your little one. I hope she gets well and that she does not have anything serious. bless her heart!
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Sending lots of vibes for Kotton, my prayers are with you.
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THANK YOU! ALL OF YOU! Vet says it appears the lump is just a cyst but to watch it and if it gets bigger it will be removed.

She is going in on Tuesday for a cardiac Ultrasound (hopefuly with a board certified radiologist) and HE will see how her heart is and if is cardiomyopathy or congestive heart failure what we can do for her! SHE thinks she is just fine so she is not suffering anyway! It COULD be stress and fear causeing this as they said she did not collapse but started to open mouth pant and became VERY weak! I am Praying it is just stress!

Meanwhile Benji appears to be very lethargic. I took him to the ER vet and paid $81.00 to just have a tech take his temp which was normal! When Vet found it was normal he did not even listen to my baby's heart or lungs!

I am trying to be a good Christian and forgive and not hate BUT sometimes I find it VERY difficult!

Missy, however is MUCH better. She had 2 teeth pulled and her others cleaned and polilshed. Her biopsy of her gums came back an INFECTION of her gums. She AND Benji are on meds but somehow they appear to have stopped working on Ben!

PLEASE continue to keep Kotton in your prayers that her heart is FINE and stressed caused her problems, and ALSO for Benji that it is just the weather and not anything serious causing his lethargy, and again THANK YOU SO VERY VERY VERY MUCH!
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Dear Heidi, I just saw this. I am praying for Kotton, Benji, and for you dear. Hugs.
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I couldn't even begin to imagine how scary this must be.

I'm so sorry!

Prayers and vibes are going out to you and Kotton.

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What a relief that this lump is only a cyst! I'm praying that Kotton's heart is completely healthy and that Benji feels better very soon! Thank you for this update! Please let us know how Kotton's appt goes on Tues and how everyone is feeling!
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I know how awful it is when they all have problems at once. I do hope they are all better soon.
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