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Kitty and People PRAYER NEEDED for

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my Sweet Kotton girl!

I took her to the vet for a blood work and for him to see if he felt any lumps around her mammary chain as she was spayed late, ALSO because she had a lump. He drew did a needle biopsy and then drew blood and she collapsed and was EXTREMELY weak!

He does not know if the lump is cancer but DOES think she has a weak heart. He went home and did not call me so I am in agony! PLEASE would you all do Poodle prayers that Kotton does NOT have cancer or heart problems?!

First I lose Corkie, then Benji gets sick and Missy gets sick and NOW I may lose Kotton! I just cannot lose her too! She is my comforting protecting love! PLEASE PRAY! And thank you for the support you give me!

Kotton lying on computer room floor next to red blanket
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Heidi, you and your beautiful girl Kotton are in my thoughts... to both of you!
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*Healing vibes for Kotton*
What a pretty Siamese girl she is. Keep us updated on her condition!
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Kotton will certainly be in my prayers. Gosh, she's a beautiful girl. I'm so sorry for all the sorrows you've had with your pets lately. I hope things get better for you and Kotton.
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I pray for you and Your cat
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Oh you're definitely in my thoughts and prayers!!
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Heidi, I hope the vet calls soon with GOOD NEWS! I will pray for your Kotton to be healthy, and for your peace of mind. Purrs!
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Lots and Lots of good vibes and prayers comming your way!
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Heidi, tons of good vibes coming your way....please keep us informed what happens, ok?
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We are the Bunchies and we are very new here, we are not sure if you are getting this message, a nice lady is trying to show us around and we feel so DUH! Mommy does not get home until late three nights a week but we have her for 3 1/2 day weekends and we are going to be here for a long time, we love this site so much. We are all sending loves and purrrrrrrrs for your beautiful baby girl, we also feel your sorry and know exactly how you feel. Mommy hates Cancer she lost her Baby Girl to that bad thing and please feel our love for you and your fur babies. Thank you for welcoming us and you are in our hearts. The Bunchies Joey, Lil Princess and Wilson the Wild Man
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Oh my goodness how scary. Lots of prayers coming to Kotton and to you.
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Healing vibes for Kotton coming from Iowa.
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My four siamese babies are sending prayers and healing thoughts to your siamese baby. Take care Kotton and get better.

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I do hope you get good news soon.
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prayers and hugs for you and Kotton
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Oh, Heidi, that must have been so scary for you when Kotton collapsed on the table! Poor baby. I know you're so worried about your little girl, and this wait is just agonizing! Hurry up test results! Beautiful Kotton is absolutely in my prayers. Please do keep us updated as soon as you hear anything!
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you and kotton are in my thought's.. hopeing she's ok
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Lots of good vibes and prayers coming to y'all from us.
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Yes, I will pray! Please keep us updated!
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Oh, I am soo sorry for the pain you and your gorgious baby girl Kotton are experiencing. I am convinced that problems with your beloved pets has got to be one of the most painful things to deal with because we love them so very much. She as well as you are in my prayers, be strong for your baby! We are here for you!
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Thoughts and prayers to you and Kotton. You have had too many losses lately, my prayer is that you will not lose Kotton too. She is beautiful and I just know how special she is to you.
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You and beautiful Kotton are in my thoughts and prayers.
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I know that the waiting is so hard. My prayer is that you & Kotton will have a lot more sweet purring time together.
She a beautiful furbaby.
Both of you take good care of yourselves & please, when you hear form her doctor...keep us informed.
We are here for you
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Kotton is in my thoughts!
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Healing and strength vibes from me and the boys
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I'm sending good vibes Kotton's way.
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Oh no, I´m so sorry to heard that... my prayers for Kotton & you!
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Good Vibes to you Heidi and Kotton, you will be in our thoughts tonight.

Angie & Harvey Tiddles
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My thoughts are with you and Kotton, as you wait for news. I pray that she will be well soon.
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Oh Heidi
Sending tons of skritches for Kotton and tons of hugs and prayers for both of you! Cannot wait to hear an update- keeping my fingers crossed
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